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Currently Traveling To: Saint Petersburg, Russia

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I'm sorry for the long absence from blogging. I only gotten two blogposts up so far on this blog and to be frank, I actually feel quite embarrassed and disappointed with myself. I really wanted to start anew with this blog and get back into blogging again, but so far it just hasn't worked out. The last weeks have just been so super busy with work and finals that I haven't had time at all to even think about other things. And then last week was my first week of my easter break and I just needed to take a step away from everything to fully relax after a few hectic weeks. Now I'm finally back and ready to start up this blog properly. I promise to make this a lovely place on the internet.
Have faith in me :)

Tomorrow I will share my first ever review (I'm super excited), but first let me tell you about an exciting trip I'm about to make: in two days I'm going to ... Saint Petersburg!! I'M SO EXCITED. My study organization (EGEA) has been planning an exchange with a few Russian students. They've already been over here and now it's time for us to go over to them. We're flying out on Wednesday and will arrive in Saint Petersburg on Thursday. It's kind of nerve racking, because I have never ever been to Russia before and I have no idea what it will look like. Plus I don't even know where I will be sleeping yet and what we will be doing. Thank god I won't be alone in this. Together with my best friend and a few other friends I'm sure I'll have a great time.

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From a very young age, I've always been excited about discovering new places and things. That is probably the reason why I love to read and travel so much. Those two things are definitely where my passion is at. The world is a fascinating place with fascinating people and I just want to discover as much as I possibly of it as I can. I'm especially interested in the lives of other people and in different cultures and the way people live. It's probably also why I love my geography degree so much, it's all about different elements and processes and details the world has to offer.

The world is a fascinating place and I can't believe that in two days time I will be discovering one more place of it, Saint Petersburg. I don't really know much about this city and I've no idea what this trip is going to bring, as it's organized by our Russian hosts, but I'm definitely super excited. Hopefully I get the change to learn more about Russian culture and how it differs from my own home. I also really hope we get to visit The Winter Palace. That would be wonderful.

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Scource: Flickr
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Do you have any suggestions on what I must see while I'm there? Also have any of you read The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons? I believe it's set in Saint Petersburg? I've started it once back in the day, but never finished it. Is it worth reading before going there? I'm sure I'll come back next week with lots of pictures to share.

I hope you will have a lovely day. Are you doing any exciting travels soon? I would love to know.

Love, Eline
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