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Tuesday's Thoughts

:: Eating breakfast on the balcony is the best thing about summer

:: I'M GOING BACKPACKING THROUGH EUROPE IN A FEW WEEKS TIME!! It's been something I've wanted to do for ages. And now it's finally happening. We really want to go to France, Italy, Switzerland and Germany. The only problem is that we want to visit way to many places. How do people plan these things?

:: We do however definitely need to start planning our trip fast. What to take, where to go, which trains to go, deciding on our budget etc.

:: I need to buy a backpack too.

:: Uni is out and apparently a heat wave is coming our way this week. Definitely the right timing.

:: I'm currently eating all the strawberries, because it's summer and we're allowed. Plus it's healthy, right? No, seriously, I can't stop eating them. In smoothies, milkshakes, breakfast, everything.

:: Spending last Thursday night wandering around town and sitting in the park with my best friend was the nicest thing to do after our final exams. Plus two bottles of rose will always go down well haha.

:: I'm ready to start working on my blog again. Now that I have all the time in the world due to my summer vacation, I'm desperate to get back into blogging again. I have so many ideas for things I want to blog about.

:: On that note, I need to get organized. I need a summer bucket list ASAP.

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