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Daydreaming about living on my own

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In exactly a week I will moving to a studio in a student flat. It will be the first time that I'll be living on my own. I'm excited on one hand, but also incredibly nervous on the other. It will be the first time where I'll live on my own without any of my parents. It's in a student flat, but I'll still have my own kitchen and bathroom and will basically have to do everything on my own. I will have to clean and cook and make myself accountable. That thought scares me a little. What if something would happen that I wouldn't be able to handle?

But I'm also really excited. I imagine myself in this awesomely decorated place that is extremely cozy and nice. I will spend lots of evenings reading in the window seat with rain pouring down outside, I'll cook myself really nice food. I can watch whatever I want, put whatever music I want to listen to on, have my favourite radio station on all the time. Even doing my own groceries excited me (is that weird?)

Mind you it will probably not be as special as I make it out to be. First of all it's a student flat. There will be rowdy parties all the time probably. It probably won't be as idyllic as I imagine it will be. I will probably feel lonely now and again and it will probably be hard to cook and clean everyday. And I will of course have to study too. I can't just fill my days with reading and baking, though I would want to. Or organizing dinner parties for friends.

So yeah anyway, I'm really excited though and I will bring you along on my adventures too of course. Do you have any tips for me maybe? Maybe someone has experience in living alone?
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  1. I'm going into second year so last year I lived on my college campus and this year I have a place of my own. It is nice making it your own space but I don't think theres much point making it really flashy if there are going to be parties and stuff a lot :)

    My Blog

    1. No true and I'm also on a student budget so it isn't exactly possible to buy anything flashy. Still I want to make sure my place is going to represent me and the things I like. I'm not planning on actually partying in my own apartment/room. I'm not much of a partier.
      Have fun going into your second year, I'm starting my second year too.

  2. I can't give you any tips on the living alone part! But just try and make the most of it and make the space YOUR space and it'll feel even more homely to you. I'm totally loving the same things about moving out when I do though, especially reading a book while it's raining!
    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!

    1. Thank you so much for your tips :) I am pretty much done with decorating now and I think I managed okish. I especially love cushions in the window sill, so I can sit there with my book and tea and watch the world go by. It was one of the most important things that I had to make happen haha.

      love, Eline


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