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My Interrail Trip | A day in Switzerland

On our second day we left Heidelberg and travelled to Italy. We decided to forgo sleeping in Switzerland on our way to Italy, because it's such an expensive country. This way we had to travel all day, but we figured it would be worth it, because Switzerland is rumored to have a few of the most beautiful train rides in the world.We left Heidelberg early in the morning and took an international train to basel. We weren't planning on stopping, but we figured why the hell not? Why would we transfer trains in a big city and not have a little look around? In the end we spent about two hours in Basel, wandering around.

Basel is the third biggest city in Switzerland and is located near the border of both France and Germany. Situated on the banks of the river Rhine it is a stunning city with lots of beautiful buildings and a skyline with lots of old townhouses and churches seen from the river. It took us about 20 minutes to walk to the river from the station. Though it was quite heavy with all our stuff with us, it was well worth the view. If you look at the pictures down below you can see how stunning it is. The differently colored buildings with their beautiful red bricked roofs. A church popping up now and again and an old school ferry made it really authentic and stunning.

Oh my goodness, Switzerland is expensive though! We knew it would be expensive, but didn't realize how much so till we had actually arrived in Basel. The night before, in Heidelberg, we had already decided not to sleep anywhere in Switzerland because of the costs, but we still wanted to get a spot of lunch somewhere in the city. We opted out of that though after seeing the prices. A sandwich is not worth 9 euro's at a local supermarket if you ask me.

After the two-hour stopover in Basel and the expensive lunch, we got on a train towards Lugano and the Italian border. Lugano is situated on the banks of a really big lake in the far south of Switzerland, really close to the Italian border. The train ride was absolutely stunning, we crossed the whole of Switserland in a few hours. I could not stop looking out of the windows. You can see some of the landscape in the pictures below!
The train was very fanciful as well, with extremely big windows and comfy seats. They even had options to charge your phones, which always comes in handy.

Next up, is Lugano. Lugano is a city on the banks of a really big lake close to the Italian border. When we arrived there it was extremely hot, we had our backpacks on our bags and we realized that the station was located on a hill. This meant we had to walk down the hill and then up the hill again in about 34 degrees celsius. It was almost impossible and when we look back maybe we shouldn't have done it. I'm still happy I saw a part of the city however, because despite all of the trouble we had to go through to actually see a little bit of the town, it was still extremely beautiful and well worth it if you'd ask me.

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