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Sunday Reflections


Today has been great. Sometimes you just have those Sundays where you get that Sunday feeling. You know, where it's just a totally relaxing day spent with your family, eating great food, enjoying a walk in super nice weather outside and even pampering yourself a little. For some people, Sunday is their favorite day, but for me it can be a hit or miss. Sometimes they make me feel so sluggish and tired, and sitting inside all day makes me get a headache. Plus I always plan Sundays in as a day for homework, which can suck of course, but not today. Today was amazing so far and it's not even over yet. I made a to do list this morning and so far I ticked most things of my list. I spent a few hours in bed this morning watching some F1 on the BBC (isn't Max Verstappen something? I'll always support a follow dutchie), before having a big brunch and start revising for my Statistics exam coming Thursday. Even though the subject sucks, even that wasn't so bad. My mum and I walked along the river for a good hour in the sunshine and we are going out for dinner tonight. And now I'm writing this post while enjoying some chocolate and a cup of tea. Life's truly good at the moment.

Can I just apologize though for being absent these past few weeks? I don't know, I'm having a lot of trouble finding the motivation and ideas to blog. Do any of you have any tips on how to write blog posts consistently? I think I have the most trouble with taking pictures for the blogpost. I don't know why exactly, but I just have a hard time picking up my camera and finding the right ways to take the photos I want to take. Maybe I should schedule in a certain amount of time where I take all the pictures for the week ahead?

Anyway, you didn't miss much in these past few weeks. I played some floorball for the first time on Thursday and really liked it. I think I'll try it more often. I'm also planning on doing some more lessons at my local gym, like zumba, pilates or yoga.
I'm also really busy with uni. Next week I have a test and two assignments to hand in and the work is really starting to built up. It's slowly driving me crazy and I feel like I should really start planning a little bit more. I think a few hours in the library are due soon, maybe I'll schedule in a full day of studying.

So how has everyone else's week been? Did you do anything fun?

The Fear of time slipping by

It's a scary thing you know. How each minute ticks by one after another, time slipping out of your hands and the feeling that you haven't done enough to fill them with productiveness, goals and achievements.

It's one of my biggest fears.

I feel like I'm not getting enough out of my life and that I'm achieving to little and that others are achieving more. I often compare myself to others, more outgoing people perhaps, who spent every waking hour trying to achieve something or being social. And I want to be like them. Or maybe even a combination of different types of people. I want to be a partier, a good student, an awesome blogger, a social person, a good friend and many more things at the same time. And on one side I know that that is impossible to achieve, you can't be a thousand people all at once, but on the other hand I'm afraid that when I'm not all of those people I'm missing out and that I'm not getting enough out of my life.

But I'm just going to exhaust myself right? The thing with trying to be all those people at once, is that just the thought of that makes me exhaust and it results in me being none of those people. Most of the time I don't feel like doing a million things at once or being out and about. I just want to stay in with a cup of tea and a book in my lap or sleep in my extremely comfy bed or watching some new show on Netflix.

The question is however if that's a bad thing.

Maybe I just shouldn't be so hard on myself. Maybe I should just do the things that I like to do and not compare myself to the other persons achievements or social life. Of course you should try to be the very best person of yourself, but if you're not doing the things that you enjoy doing most, like reading books, you're not getting everything out of your life either.

It's ok to spend an evening watching Netflix or going to bed early. Don't be so afraid of time slipping by. You're enjoying these moments too. Sometimes I just need to remind myself of that.

Sunday Reflections

I've been so crazily busy this past week that I haven't gotten around to blogging at all. There isn't a post coming today that is perfectly polished and well thought out, simply because I don't have the time at the moment. But I do want to write something, just keep you guys up to date with what is happening right now and to let you know that I'm still alive. So yeah, I thought I would give you a quick update and ramble on a bit of what my week consisted off.

:: Let me just start off by telling that I have officially moved into my student room/apartment today. I already slept there a two nights last week, but I don't think that really counts, because I slept on a mattress in an otherwise empty room. But after moving the last bits yesterday, I can now officially say that I've moved out and that I have my own place. So far (it's been just a few hours) I'm loving it.

:: Though not everything went great. I pretty much burned the meat I was trying to cook, because I didn't know how the stove worked. The smoke detector went off and I had no idea what to do. It's all good now though.

:: It was 9/11 on friday which I think is a special day for everyone, because it holds so many memories. Of course most of them are bad ones.  But not all of them where bad, there are also many good things to remember. All the volunteers for example who tried to help wherever they could. Maureen Johnson wrote a piece about her experiences a few years ago and that is the message that comes across. Of hope and friendliness and being helpful.

:: Last Tuesday I had my first meeting with my honors program. I'm really excited for what the coming year is going to bring. The idea is that every week a different guest speaker comes and each will talk about a subject that they're interested in. The goal is to learn lots of diverse topics and discuss them. It's really interesting and I can't wait for another meeting this week. The most awesome thing is that they serve pizza's after the lecture though.

:: Can I just put it out there that I love you guys? I love this community. Everyone is so welcoming and kind. I never expected to find something like this and I'm so happy that I did. Also thank you to some lovely people who wrote comments on my blog this week. I love receiving them and I will get to replying them as soon as possible.

A few links I've loved this week:
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And lastly, I totally love these pictures of Rosie's amazing wedding!

I hope you had a lovely week and that next week will be just as great. What are your plans for the week ahead?

My Interrail Trip | A week in Italy Part 1

After our day in Switzerland, we were ready to move on to Italy. I can honestly say that Italy is the most beautiful country I have visited so far. I think I'd find any city, town or mountain there beautiful. I won't ever get tired of visiting and even though my friend and I had both been to italy quite a few times, we were excited to show each other our favourite places and discover new places.

We spent a little over a week in Italy and visited quite a few places in northern italy. In the following order we went to Como, Genoa, Cinque Terre, Lago di Ledro, Venice and Trieste. We traveled between places on extremely hot, uncomfortable local trains packed with locals, but it was all worth it, because the places we visited were stunning as we'd expected.

Como - charming, serene and picture-perfect

Como couldn't have been a better place to start our stint in Italy. It's just across the border from Switzerland. A perfect place to start. It was charming and beautiful. Our hostel was perfectly located. Right behind a villa and extremely close to the lake. We spent a day relaxing at the pool close by, but spent most of our time just wandering around. We went up one of the mountains with a train and walked to the lighthouse, which had a stunning view. We also went to a market, had dinner in front of the duomo and spent a night by the lake listening to music and watching Italian youth dance.

The city of Genoa - port-city, chaotic, medieval

Genoa is a weird city. It has grand avenues, but a historic centre full of small streets and hidden alleys. Beautiful, grand palaces mixed with rundown housing. Every corner you turn will either surprise you wether there's a beautiful building or a creepy alley that you'd rather not walk through. You could get easily lost. Which is precisely what we did. We wandered all day along those tiny streets, losing ourselves amid the locals. And then there's the harbour. There is a recently renovated dock which is the only place where we've seen any tourists and a large industrial harbour that isn't particularly stunning.

Even though I didn't feel completely at home, it was a beautiful city which deserves to get more attention. Even if it would be for the fact that it will surprise you at every corner you turn.

Cinque Terre - breath-taking, colourful, extraordinary

Cinque Terre translates to the five lands. It consists of five small seaside towns build on the cliffs and shores of the Mediterranean sea. This was one of the places I desperately wanted to visit during our trip. And it was completely worth it. One of my favourite places in Italy.

First day back + friendship

Source (original source unknown)
First sentences are the worst, aren't they?

Now that I'm ready to start writing another blog post, my mind has left me completely blank. I'm so tired after a night of partying and an early morning class that I can't think of anything to start my post with. I was planning on writing about my first day back at college, but I can't seem to find the right sentences. I think it's due to the fact that I'm almost falling asleep over here. However I came up with an other idea. I'm just going to ramble and talk about anything and everything. Be aware!

Let's go back to the facts first then. Yesterday was my first day back at college. I had class in the morning, went home, went back, met up with friends, catched up with them and then went to the first fresher's party of the year. I'm not a fresher anymore, but since it was the first party of the year pretty much all seniors were there too.  The seniors where by far in the plus. I think maybe quite a few fresher's left early or were scared or something. No idea. Still we had tons of fun of course.

Before the party I met up with a group of friends that I met during fresher's weekend last year, who are now a few of the best friends I have. At our university it's normal to have a fresher's week organized by the student association that belong to your major. Every major has a different organization and they all organize fresher's week differently. My student association always organizes a week of fresher activities and parties like the one we had on Tuesday. And after the first week we would go on an old-school camping trip. That is where I met the group of friends I now have and I'm so grateful for them, because they make my college experience amazing!

I think there is something everyone likes about going back to school or college again. And that is meeting up with your friends again and having a good old catch up. We went to the apartment of one of my friends, everyone brought something to eat and drink (Cider and wine) and we had an old fashioned catch up. It was great to see everyone again and talking about what we did all summer and about just about anything and everything. It's so weird how fast friendships form in college. A year ago I didn't know anyone. Now however I have the most amazing friends in the world. And we grow closer by the day. We celebrate each birthday, we go clubbing together and we generally have the best time in the world. Though to be honest we are all quite serious as well and don't go clubbing nearly as often as others. We like our downtime and sleep.

Wow, that was such a ramble. Sorry about that! I think the lesson I learned from this past year and this friendship is that in time you will find the people that understand you and share the things you like. I never had such friendships in high school, but I think I finally found the right friends and I hope whoever's reading this has found them too. If not, don't worry! You'll find them.
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