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First day back + friendship

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First sentences are the worst, aren't they?

Now that I'm ready to start writing another blog post, my mind has left me completely blank. I'm so tired after a night of partying and an early morning class that I can't think of anything to start my post with. I was planning on writing about my first day back at college, but I can't seem to find the right sentences. I think it's due to the fact that I'm almost falling asleep over here. However I came up with an other idea. I'm just going to ramble and talk about anything and everything. Be aware!

Let's go back to the facts first then. Yesterday was my first day back at college. I had class in the morning, went home, went back, met up with friends, catched up with them and then went to the first fresher's party of the year. I'm not a fresher anymore, but since it was the first party of the year pretty much all seniors were there too.  The seniors where by far in the plus. I think maybe quite a few fresher's left early or were scared or something. No idea. Still we had tons of fun of course.

Before the party I met up with a group of friends that I met during fresher's weekend last year, who are now a few of the best friends I have. At our university it's normal to have a fresher's week organized by the student association that belong to your major. Every major has a different organization and they all organize fresher's week differently. My student association always organizes a week of fresher activities and parties like the one we had on Tuesday. And after the first week we would go on an old-school camping trip. That is where I met the group of friends I now have and I'm so grateful for them, because they make my college experience amazing!

I think there is something everyone likes about going back to school or college again. And that is meeting up with your friends again and having a good old catch up. We went to the apartment of one of my friends, everyone brought something to eat and drink (Cider and wine) and we had an old fashioned catch up. It was great to see everyone again and talking about what we did all summer and about just about anything and everything. It's so weird how fast friendships form in college. A year ago I didn't know anyone. Now however I have the most amazing friends in the world. And we grow closer by the day. We celebrate each birthday, we go clubbing together and we generally have the best time in the world. Though to be honest we are all quite serious as well and don't go clubbing nearly as often as others. We like our downtime and sleep.

Wow, that was such a ramble. Sorry about that! I think the lesson I learned from this past year and this friendship is that in time you will find the people that understand you and share the things you like. I never had such friendships in high school, but I think I finally found the right friends and I hope whoever's reading this has found them too. If not, don't worry! You'll find them.
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