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My Interrail Trip | A week in Italy Part 1

After our day in Switzerland, we were ready to move on to Italy. I can honestly say that Italy is the most beautiful country I have visited so far. I think I'd find any city, town or mountain there beautiful. I won't ever get tired of visiting and even though my friend and I had both been to italy quite a few times, we were excited to show each other our favourite places and discover new places.

We spent a little over a week in Italy and visited quite a few places in northern italy. In the following order we went to Como, Genoa, Cinque Terre, Lago di Ledro, Venice and Trieste. We traveled between places on extremely hot, uncomfortable local trains packed with locals, but it was all worth it, because the places we visited were stunning as we'd expected.

Como - charming, serene and picture-perfect

Como couldn't have been a better place to start our stint in Italy. It's just across the border from Switzerland. A perfect place to start. It was charming and beautiful. Our hostel was perfectly located. Right behind a villa and extremely close to the lake. We spent a day relaxing at the pool close by, but spent most of our time just wandering around. We went up one of the mountains with a train and walked to the lighthouse, which had a stunning view. We also went to a market, had dinner in front of the duomo and spent a night by the lake listening to music and watching Italian youth dance.

The city of Genoa - port-city, chaotic, medieval

Genoa is a weird city. It has grand avenues, but a historic centre full of small streets and hidden alleys. Beautiful, grand palaces mixed with rundown housing. Every corner you turn will either surprise you wether there's a beautiful building or a creepy alley that you'd rather not walk through. You could get easily lost. Which is precisely what we did. We wandered all day along those tiny streets, losing ourselves amid the locals. And then there's the harbour. There is a recently renovated dock which is the only place where we've seen any tourists and a large industrial harbour that isn't particularly stunning.

Even though I didn't feel completely at home, it was a beautiful city which deserves to get more attention. Even if it would be for the fact that it will surprise you at every corner you turn.

Cinque Terre - breath-taking, colourful, extraordinary

Cinque Terre translates to the five lands. It consists of five small seaside towns build on the cliffs and shores of the Mediterranean sea. This was one of the places I desperately wanted to visit during our trip. And it was completely worth it. One of my favourite places in Italy.

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  1. Wow looking at your pictures of Switzerland was such déjà vu for me! Is it Zürich? I visited there in January this year, such as beautiful (expensive) city. I've never been to Italy but after looking at your images I really want to visit, especially Cinque Terre. How was the food there?

    Sally ~ DiagonSally

    1. We've actually been to Basel and Lugano, so no Zurich. But I'd love to visit, because I heard it's beautiful. Switzerland is so expensive though isn't it?
      You should definitely visit Cinque Terre, because it's absolutely stunning. I just loose it and I will definitely return in the future, because I still have so much to see!

      The food in Italy in general is amazing of course. We didn't have the biggest budget, because we were interrailing and all, but the places we ate at were really good.


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