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Beautiful Paris

I feel like I'm obliged to write something about last Friday's events in Paris. I was still at work when the attacks happened. After I came back, my family and I spent the whole evening in front of the telly to keep up with the updates. It was truly awful to see it getting worse by the hour and with more information came more deaths. It just kept getting more horrific and it was awful to watch. I went to bed worrying about all those people in Paris. And when I went to work the next day it was all we talked about. That was when I realized that I couldn't form the words to describe it. I didn't know what to say. What can you say about an event like this?

But I feel that we should talk about it. It's important as a community to stand together and support each other as human beings and since I couldn't form the words to talk about it out loud, I thought why not try to write it down.

When seeing those awful images, it made me angry. It made me wonder how people can do that to their fellow human beings and it made me angry to see such a beautiful city in despair. A little more than a year ago I went on a trip to Paris with my best friend and it was honestly one of the best holidays I ever had. We still talk about it. That July we celebrated Quatorze Juliet in France with fireworks over the Eiffel tower and a parade in the streets. The weather was beautiful and everyone was celebratory. It's a jarring contrast between those two images of Paris I have.

The weekend back then was one of the most relaxed city trips I'd ever been on. We had an impromptu picnic in our hotel room, because we were too lazy to go out for dinner. Spent a free afternoon simply reading a book in the Luxembourg Gardens and another night we watched the world cup final in a packed cafe. That was the trip that made me realize how mesmerizing Paris actually is. I want to remember that, instead of those awful images we have seen from Friday night.

I honestly can't imagine how those terrorists are able to do what they do. I can't comprehend it. How can you do something like that to your fellow human beings? I suppose they must be brainwashed, but it's just so awful to imagine that people are capable of something like that. I already feel guilty when I don't go to church on a sunday, imagine if you have the deaths of hundreds of people on your hands.
And it's not that these attacks are worse in Paris than in any other part of the world, where they are more common. It's the fact that it's so close to home that you can imagine it so much better. It's far enough from your bed when the attacks happen thousands of km away that you can't imagine it, but when they happen so close to home it is much more jarring.

I have no clue how we are to proceed from this. How to stop those attacks from happening and what to do with all those refugees. But I think we should at least just try to remember how beautiful our planet is and how lucky we are to live on this planet. There are still good things in the world, I truly believe that.
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