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Birthday and Christmas Wishlist


I love shopping during the festive period. Apart from the crowds, it is always such a beautiful experience. I like to buy cosy sweaters and look for festive things I can decorate my house with. Also everything in the city at the moment is beautifully decorated and I just love the atmosphere that is around at this time of year. The cold weather makes it perfect for nipping into the warm shops or go for a hot chocolate.

It's also obviously the season for gift buying and I thought that maybe you and I could both do with a little bit of inspiration for that. These are the things that I would love to get for myself or for others that have the same taste as me. Since my birthday is coming up in a week, this is always the time of year where people are starting to ask what I want and I can never come up with anything. So this is a way to answer all their questions. Mum, if you are reading this, these are the things I would love to get for my birthday or christmas.

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