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Happy Birthday to me: I've turned twenty


Today marks the first day of my twenties. Happy birthday to me!

I'm in two minds about turning twenty. On one side I'm excited. Apparently your twenties are the best years of your life and I honestly can't wait. But on the other side I feel old now that I'm not a teenager anymore. I don't want to grow up. You don't realise how quickly time goes until you look back. Oh my lord time went fast and as of lately the days seem to turn more quickly than ever before.

So yeah, so far my birthday has been good. This morning I had a lovely brunch with my family whilst opening presents and this afternoon my parents will come to visit me. I love birthdays. There is lots of food and cake involved and I always find it lovely when people congratulate me. It's nice to know people care about me and  shoot me a message. And getting gifts is always a bonus too right? This morning I got a lovely new eReader from my parents which I absolutely love. I can't wait to put my books on it and start reading. And from my brother I got an awesome laptop sticker. I'll show you sometime soon.
Anyway, I just wanted to shoot a quick message to all my lovely blog readers. Are any of you doing anything fun today? I'm going to spent my day eating all the cake and opening presents.

Have a lovely day.
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