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Life lately: I'm happy to be back

I'm back, and here to stay for a longer time than last hopefully! I've missed you guys so much.

I've been trying to blog on and of for a few years now and every single time, before I start to get into a routine, life happens and I just simply forgot about it and leave my blog behind. Poor blog, always second place to whatever happens in my real life. I suppose that is the way it is. I'm sad about it though and envious of those who do make it happen and manage to blog consistently while also studying and having a social life. I simply can't manage it, it seems. However, the coming few months will be a lot less busy and I'm determined to do get my blog back on track. And this is I guess an introductory post to the coming period and a little catch up of what I've been doing these past few months, since I last blogged back in September. Welcome back to my blog guys, you can expect a lot more from me in the future.

These pictures were taken on the first day of November, last Sunday. What a beautiful day that was. It was probably one of the hottest days of autumn we had up until that moment, although this past week has been exceptionally hot too. It was one of the most beautiful autumn days I can remember in a long time. When I think of November, I think of cold, rainy weather that is great to stay indoors with a nice hot cup of tea and a little bit of chocolate, but not this. Though I love my cold, rainy weather too, I think we might need to make the most of it. And that is exactly what we did last Sunday.
We went to a forest close to my new home in Utrecht. It's actually really close to the home of our retired queen, princes Beatrix in Lage Zwaluwe. The landscape is stunning over there, lots of beautiful old trees and winding lanes, with patches of open field in between. There is a very posh feel to it, which isn't too surprising when royalty actually lives there. But still, there are a lot of absolutely stunning country homes, in which I could imagine myself living when I'm old and grey.
It was beautiful, and the sunlight streaming through the colourful leaves made it all the more stunning.

So what happened in my life these past few months? I guess the biggest thing that happened is the fact that I've moved out of my parents home back in september. I have been trying to adjust to living on my own ever since. It has been awesome so far. I love that I don't have to travel back and fort every single day and that I'm able to actually workout and do more social things in evenings as well. And I love to cook for myself every day. I'm consistently thinking up recipes and tweaking them to my satisfaction and I bloody love it. I can't wait to share a few of them on here.
But at the same time it has been kind of lonely too. Mind you, so far I've been home every weekend to visit my parents and work part time at the local super market, because I still do that on weekends. I can't complain about that really. I mean, I see my family and friends every single weekend. But still. I was so used to catching up on our days at supper with my mum. I guess that is what I miss the most. It is simply not as fun to eat dinner all by yourself.

So yeah I've been adjusting to living on my own and have also been extremely busy with course work too. October was extreme. I was stupid enough to think that I could manage four courses instead of the usual two. That was a big mistake. I think I managed to pass each of them in the end, but I didn't enjoy a second of it. This past month consisted of rolling from one project into another and I've spent a serious amount of time in the library. I'm so glad it has died down a bit now. Last week, while some of my best friends went on a midweek trip to Dublin, I had my last test of the first period and I'm so relieved. Next week, my new courses start and I thought it would be wise to tone down the amount of courses I took on, now it's three instead of two, which is so much better!

And that means a lot more free time, to actually get back into the blogging game.

I honestly don't know what it is about blogging. I keep getting back to it and trying again and again and again. Hopefully one moment in time, it should finally stick and I will manage to keep going. I hope this is that time.

I haven't talked to you guys in ages, so what have you all been up to? I need to catch up on all the blog posts I missed too, so send me your latest blog posts! It will be lovely to read them and hear from you.

See you soon!

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  1. Glad you're back! And with stunning pictures too!
    Don't be sad that you couldn't blog for a while. Sometimes everything else needs to be put on the back burner for real life to get better. After all, most blogs are inspired by real life experiences.
    I can't wait to read more from you now that you're back!
    Aria | Girl in a Whimsical Land

    1. Thank you so much, lovely!
      That's true and I'm hundred percent ready to get fully back into blogging, I even made an editorial calendar for the coming months. I'm so proud of myself for that haha.



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