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I'm Off

It is so much fun to watch your vacation photo's back from years ago!

The matter of fact is that we, as a family, are off to our first christmas skiing holiday. We have been on quite a lot of skiing holidays in the past, but never at christmas. In approximately 9 hours we will get in the car and drive to Austria. As a way to celebrate this fact, I thought it would be fitting to add a few photos from skiing holidays from the past for this blog post. These pictures were taken years ago and I have very fond memories of those skiing trips. When I looked them back up, I realized that I completely forgot how stunning the Alps can be and how amazing I always found such a skiing holiday.

And we're going for a trip to the mountains since six years again today. I can't be more excited.

Since I'm off today to spend the week leading up to Christmas up high in the mountains, I thought I would do a little goodbye post and wish everyone a very happy and merry Christmas next week.

My mum is packing upstairs  right now and I'm sitting by the Christmas tree in my christmas jumper writing this post for you. I am super duper excited for the week up ahead. We've never actually been on holiday over Christmas before. It's going to be a first timer and it's going to be amazing.

I'll make sure to take lots of pictures of course. You can expect the weeks after Christmas to be full of snowy pictures of mountains. If it's going to be as amazing as my memories of past skiing holidays are, then it's going to be the best time I've had in a really long time.

I have two posts scheduled for next week, but goodbye for now and a very merry and happy christmas to all of you.
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