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Merry Christmas From Austria

I can't believe it's Christmas Eve.

Tomorrow it's Christmas already. The time has gone so fast. Especially the last week. I'm actually quite sad that the festive period is almost over. It seems like every year I get more and more excited for Christmas. This might be due to the fact that I learn more and more how other countries celebrate. A few years ago I hadn't even heard of mince pies or the fact that the 26th December is called Boxing Day in the UK and that people eat turkey and pull crackers and actually eat their dinner at lunch time on Christmas Day. Does anyone else find that weird? I love all those little traditions that other countries have and try to incorporate as many of them into my December too.

And on top of that I love the traditions we have in our own country as well. Like Serious Request or the fact that we have a second christmas day on the 26th and that we do presents early in December instead of Christmas Day or that we eat oliebollen for new year's eve. All those things together make me feel more and more festive every single year.

And then every year january comes around and I am so sad it's over and I have to wait another year again.

But let's not think about that. We still have christmas and the new year to celebrate.

This year will be a special one for me and my family. It's the first time that we'll celebrate Christmas Day in another country. Normally we spend it at home or visiting family and eating way too much food. This year we will be skiing all day and then having a cosy dinner in our lovely apartment. So much better!

We are spending the week in Austria. So far, it's been amazing sunshine and snow and lots of sleeping. In fact, I'm sat here writing this post in our cosy little apartment after a long day of skiing and drinking mulled wine in the sunshine. It's the perfect way to spend this period and I wish we could do it every year. And we're about to open our christmas presents, before my Mum and I will be of to the local Christmas Eve Mass. I love it.

Tomorrow the plan is to have a nice breakfast and a generally relaxing morning. I might even watch a Christmas movie. In the afternoon we're off for our last afternoon of skiing. And then when we return we will make a big Christmas dinner. On boxing day we will be driving home and the plan is to have another christmas day at our grandparents on the 27th, because we couldn't be there on the 25th.

I hope everyone has a lovely day and if the festive period is difficult for you, then I hope you can still surround yourself with your loved ones and get through the day as best as you can.

Have a very merry christmas!

I'll catch you again in a few days, when we're home again.
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