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Personal Challenge: Finding my blogging voice

On January first I'm going to set myself a challenge. It's not a New Year's resolution, even if it's based on one, because I can never keep my new year's resolutions.

No, this challenge is a thirty day challenge and the only effort it takes is for me to sit down at my computer and write on my blog every day. It can be about anything and everything I want as long as it serves the purpose of finding my voice and place in this world. The thing I write might be as long as a tweet, or might be an entire letter, it may contain pictures or won't contain pictures. It's about anything I fancy writing about.

In the blogging world, as of late, many established bloggers have been talking about the future of blogging. Michelle, Hannah, Katie are a few examples. These bloggers have all been blogging for years. They have found their feet in the blogging world and have become successful.  Especially Michelle and Hannah struck a cord with me in their posts about the way blogging has changed and the future it has. They both touch on the subject of blogging popularity. Blogging has become more and more professional over the years. Blogs have started to look like magazines and like Hannah said blogging has gone in a totally different direction then from where it all started. Instead of bringing real content in a way to counteract all those perfect magazines, the blogs have turned into magazines themselves. I completely agree with Hannah. I think people will start to realize that this isn't the way blogging should go and that maybe not in the next year, but sometime soon all of us will again turn in a totally different direction. Maybe even go back to the old days, where everything didn't have to be perfect.

So, where does this leave me?

While reading all these lovely blog posts, and agreeing with most of the thoughts expressed in them, the questioned that remained for me was: what exactly is it that I want? What do I want the blogging world to become and how will my blog fit in it?

And then I realized that I don't have a clue what I'm doing with my blog right now. I need to create some kind of structure for myself, which I have never created before, because of my lack of trying. I have never tried to find my blogging voice, never tried to find something that I'm happy with. All I wanted was to be like other bloggers. All I wanted was to perfectly copy what they were doing and apply their blogging style to my life. Let my just emphasis that I wanted to be like them because I adore each and every one of them, not because I wanted to be successful.

But you can't perfect anything on your first try right? That is also the reason why I've started and stopped so many blogs over the years.

I have always wanted my blog to be perfect, but that is going to change from now on. 2016 will hopefully be the year where I find myself. One of my new years resolutions is to work on myself, get healthier, think about what my goals are for the future and work on my cv and I feel like blogging is going to be part of that New Year's resolution.

The only way I feel like I can give blogging a proper change, is by just figuring it out along the way. By sharing on my blog every single day for a month and maybe even longer than that, I think it will be a learning process and it will make me a better blogger. I'm not going to worry about whether my posts will be good enough. Like my professor said today: "When you want perfection on your first try, you are never going to even start your project."

I have so many plans for this blog and I feel like I will never get down to those plans if I don't find my own blogging voice first. So that is exactly what I'm going to do.

Now I thought it would maybe be nice if others wanted to join in. Maybe we can give each other feedback and ask each other for advice. What do you think?
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