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It's ok to not know what you are doing

This photo was taken last year in Budapest. I was inter railing through Europe that summer with one of my best friends and I had the time of my life. Budapest was everything I hoped it would be. Beautiful old buildings, lots of backpackers, great night life. We were drinking on the steps by a fountain late at night and wandering the streets during the day. We chatted to both locals and backpackers, we went out, got about 2 hours of sleep and I managed to do a few things that I regret doing now. Honestly, however, I didn't care. I was living my life. And I never had the opportunity to let go like that before, but we were on holiday after all. When we left we were dead tired, but it was totally worth it.

These are happy memories. They remind me that I was living my life at that moment. I could have decided not to go on the trip. Plans were made only about two weeks beforehand and everything we did was spontaneous. I realise that it was actually great to not have a plan for once. Normally I'm the girl who has to have everything planned out. There is something great to be said about just going with the flow and seeing where you might end up. It was a holiday alright, but I think it counts for everyday life too. We can make endless plans and worry about tons of stuff, but in the end it might work out totally different from what we imagined and as long as you are happy with where you are right now, you shouldn't have to worry about the rest at all.

Tying in with that is my career path. The major I'm doing at uni isn't very straightforward. There isn't a definitive career path that you can take when you are studying geography. You can become anything: a teacher, a traveller, a book writer, an office girl. And it scares the crap out of me to not know what I'm doing. We all like security. Knowing where I'd end up would comfort me massively. However in return you will have to give up your freedom and I'm not sure that is worth it. There is something to be said about having the freedom of discovering who you are. Lately I had a conversation with my mum where we talked about this too. She said to me that she doesn't want me to finish uni and settle straight away into a job or a relationship. My parents are really encouraging me to travel and discover the world. And I am so grateful for them to be saying that they will support me if that is what I want to do. They give me the freedom to discover myself.

I also recently read a post by Michelle on freefalling through your twenties. You should check it out after this one, it's really good. She kind of inspired me to write this post. It made me realise that it is ok to make mistakes and not have everything figured out. Wether you are twenty or twenty-five life will figure itself out on it's own. You should work on yourself in this period of your life. Worry less about what you should be doing and what others are doing and instead finding what makes you happy. It was a very great insight for me and it definitely is something great to keep in mind.

Basically, I'm going to plan lots of trips now (I really want to go back to Budapest) and beat the January blues by just living my freaking life. I'm also going to do some revision now, because I actually like studying and I don't care whatever you think.

Does anyone feel the same way? Make sure you check out Michelle's post. It's awesome!

15 things you should know before you date me

If you've been on twitter for the past few days, you will have noticed a cosmopolitan article about 15 things you should know before you date a blogger. Lots of bloggers were offended by it, including myself. I don't consider myself a real blogger just yet, but I feel like it definitely didn't portrait the blogging community in the nicest way. What annoyed most people was that it wasn't accurate at all. I get that it's meant to be funny, but I don't think that it was executed well at all. After this I saw a few bloggers put up their own 15 things that boys should know before they date a blogger. I loved reading them. It's the perfect way to respond to such a shitty article and I wanted in. However since I don't really consider myself qualified to generalize the blogging community, I thought I should do a list about what you should know before you date me.

1. I love tea. You'd be my favourite person ever if you know how to make me my favourite cuppa.

2. I'd much rather stay in than go out to a club, but when you want to take me to a concert or out for dinner you are very welcome too.

3. Know that when I date you, I will most probably really like you and might even be a bit in love with you. Don't screw around with that.

4. I'll write about you on my blog. Sorry not sorry. I wouldn't take it too personally though, because it will most likely be positive. Unless you screw with my heart of course.

5. I'll ask you to be my personal photographer. It's for my blog, not because I like my picture taken, but because I want to show my readers the voice behind this blog.

6. Don't disturb me when I'm reading.

7. I have a hard time letting people in, but I will eventually. You just need to win my trust and confidence first.

8. I have never dated before and have never had a boyfriend. I don't know what I'm doing.

9. Same goes with all the other things in my life. I might have a little cry on your shoulder when I'm feeling down.

10. Don't look up weird when you find me in my pjs in the middle of the day. I like being comfy.

11. I don't like to cuddle, but I love being comforted.

12. I spent a lot of time on the internet/twitter. I'm sorry that you won't get my full attention, but my twitter friends are important too!

13. Real life friends are important to me and I will sometimes choose them over you to spent time with them. Plus they need to approve of you before I can date you of course.

14. I won't refrain from taking opportunities that are offered to me. Even if it will mean missing you, I will still go for it. Life is too short to waste any time, even if you are in a relationship.

15. You need to be a dog person.

What are things guys should know about you before they start dating you?

Saturday Blog Share #3

I'm so happy it's Saturday evening again. I haven't been feeling that great towards the end of the week and to be honest I'm looking forward to summer. But this week is over and another one is about to start. Hopefully it will be a little bit better. Saturday nights are my favorite evenings. I get to relax with my family, watch really good television and write on here This week I have discovered a few really awesome blogposts once again. My particular favorites are listed down below. You might be able to notice a trend if you've read the last few editions of this series. I mainly like thoughtful, lifestyle posts and a few lists thrown in for good measure. I don't know what that is, but those are the articles that I'm drawn to. I hope you enjoy:

100 stories / Freefall - Daisybutter

If Merida was Part of Your Squad - Novellette

Why It's Okay to be Weird Online - Helene in Between

My Day in Tea Cups - Miel Cafe

Rotterdam, City of Contrasts - Urban Pixxels

Playing catch up. - Being Little

India Part I: Delhi & Vijayawada - Liza Tait Bailey

India Part II: Hyderabad - Liza Tait Bailey

Not That Kind of Girl - On Serpentine Shores

What it's Really Like to Live with a Blogger - Sophie Rosie

The Obsessed Fan's Guide to Period Dramas - Snug

Another 50 Creative Blog Post Ideas - Writing in Red Lipstick

Getting Shit Done - Girl Lost in the City

Of course I have also discovered a few new blogs this week. I have to be honest with you all though, I haven't been that active on twitter this week, which means I haven't been talking to very many bloggers this week. Still these are a few of my new follows: Little Miss Fii, Carpe Diem Emmie, Synonym, Olivia Blogs, Thatssobekaah and A Portrait of Youth.

Happy Saturday! Are you doing anything exciting this weekend? I'll have to do tons of revision this week(end) sadly enough. But we'll get through it.

Having a chat over a cup of tea

How are you? I hope you are well. What are you doing right now? Are you hard at work, having a break? Maybe, you are procrastinating and reading this post even if you shouldn't. I've read somewhere that procrastination isn't a bad thing, so don't feel too guilty. Anyway, welcome. I thought today would be a nice day to have a chat, so please tell me in the comments how your day is going so far.

Normally I post a recap of my week on Sunday, but honestly I'm not really liking it. It's a struggle to come up with things to say. Sometimes I just have weeks where I don't have anything interesting to tell and it feels tedious to come up with interesting things to write about. I'm going to scrap that idea and instead I thought why not have a little bit more interaction here. Hopefully this will become a place where we can just have a little chat in the comments. I want a little more interaction on my blog and I thought this might be a nice idea. I drink a lot of tea, so why not have a little chat over a cup of tea once in a while. So stop reading this post for a minute right now and go make yourself a cuppa. I already have mine. And also get yourself a treat in the process, because you deserve it.

(Don't mind me. I'm pretending I have readers right now ok?).

Have you read anything interesting lately?
This is always the first topic that me and my best friend address whenever we have a cuppa together. So, what book or magazine or blog are you reading right now?  I'm currently reading Why is everyone hanging out without me? by Mindy Kaling. I make sure I read a chapter each night before I go to sleep. I don't read it in order though. I just pick whatever chapter tickles my fancy. Yesterday it was about writing. How Mindy writes and it was really interesting.

What are you up to these days?
So tell me what you are up too right now? Did anything interesting happen to you lately? It has been pretty boring over here to be honest. I have been busy with uni work. It's all wrapping up here next week and then I have a week off again. And I have lots of fun things planned that week. Just have to survive a week of revision first.

I'm also watching some water polo right now. It's the European Championships. Netherlands against Spain and it came down to shoot outs. Very nerve recking haha. Nope still not finished. Oh wait the Netherlands just won. Yay. Tomorrow is the final.

Can I just also tell you that this tea is very good. I probably think that with every cup of tea I have, but sometimes I honestly feel like it gets better with each cup I have. When I think about it, I already had 5 cups and it isn't even 6pm yet.

What are you drinking right now?
I'm always on the hunt for new teas to try out. What is your favourite one? Do you like green, black, herbal tea? I personally like green and black teas most. Right now I'm drinking an apple and cinnamon black tea. It's very comforting and reminds me of autumn. Tell me what you are drinking in the comments.

Have you been baking lately?
I have. I baked some cookies last night. These vegan chocolate chip cookies. I got the recipe through Rosie's video and I have to agree with her: they are amazing. Shared them with my best friend and she definitely approves. Don't you just love baking when it's cold outside though? There is something so comforting and warming about a home made treat.

So yeah, I think I might just do these posts once in a while. Tell me what you think about in the comments. I'm struggling with ideas right now and they are always welcome too. 

how I create a revision plan

My exam period is about to start (insert sad face). I have one test coming up next week and then I also have a big project that needs to be handed in. I should be lucky that it's just one test, but it still sucks of course. This week I thought I would start my revision with making a little plan. I wouldn't be able to function without a plan even if I don't stick to it most of the time. And I thought why not share how I do that with you guys. You never know, it might be something you are looking for. And of course it is also a way for me to keep myself in check and actually make a revision plan.

Check your diary
The first thing I do is check my diary for any appointments or scheduled classes. It's different every week, so this an absolute must. On busy days I won't plan any revision time in and on other days I will plan loads. I always work on Friday/Saturday and those are usually my "free days" and then on Sunday I always plan to do loads of revision.

Plan what you are going to revise when
I don't like to work with time pressure and so I don't plan my revision days in a timetable. I slot in time to do the revision, but then inside that time I'm free to do whatever I want/need to do. You could of course do that differently, but I prefer to instead create a to-do list for the day and tick things off as I go. I always tend to write down the days I want to spend on revision and then I write down what chapters I want to do that day and what notes I want to revise.

Decide how you are going to study your material
Different subjects acquire different ways to study. I'm doing a degree in geography right now, which means most of my revision consists of textbook reading. For other subjects this might be different. An important aspect of geography is the many processes and concepts it studies. It's the main thing I focus on when I'm revising. The first thing I tend to do is make my own outline of the chapter and then use outlines others have made to get a thorough understanding of the reading material. The next step involves revising the main concepts and processes once more and make sure I hundred precent understand them. After that I should know quite a bit already, but I also always try to make time for some practice questions as well and you could even make your own if you have the time.

Get everything you need
And lastly, before I can start the actual revising, I make sure I have everything I need. Maybe this involves printing out chapter summaries or get your notes together or maybe just getting your books and a pen and paper and get started. And then when I'm ready, I can just sit down and start immediately. One more thing you should make sure that you have are snacks and something to drink. It's important to stay hydrated and to treat yourself.

When you are ready to start there are a few things you should keep in mind: take breaks, plan fun activities in between the studying and lastly don't take it to hard on yourself when you don't manage to keep your plan. In the end it will be fine and wether you get an A or a B doesn't matter.

I always love reading how everyone studies differently. What is your way of revising. Do you do the same thing for every subject?

Snapshots from a cold, winter morning walk

It was hard to get out of bed this morning to go on a crispy walk during sunrise, but I'm so happy I went in the end. After the beautiful day we had yesterday, I was pretty sure this morning's sunrise would be a stunning one. The day before, Monday, was a very crisp, bright day. No clouds at all, lots of sunshine and very cold. And then last night it was absolutely freezing. There was no cloud cover and that combined with the cold, makes for a beautiful sunrise. I knew I had to take this opportunity so of I went.

In these moments I wish I had a dog I could take with me, but in lack of one I went alone and spent a good hour wandering around. Lots of people biked past me on their way to work. They must have looked weirdly at me, wondering what I was doing, walking alone on this cold morning, but I didn't care. The sky was beautiful. Hues of pink, orange, blue and purple were everywhere. I didn't know where to watch and I took many, many beautiful shots. Even when my hands were about to fall off.

The last pictures I took, before returning to my room on campus, where the most beautiful. The sun had already risen by then, but the colour of the sky was still so beautiful. I was walking back with my back to the sun, but actually it was beautiful to see the reflections of the sun on the trees, grass and buildings of the university in the background. This one above is a particular favourite. I love the contrast between the blue of the buildings, the reflection of the sun, the purple hues of the sky and the pale green grass.

I'm lucky I have this beautiful nature, close to my room on campus. The campus is actually quite ugly and I'm really happy to escape it once in a while. Most people don't find it attractive, but I love the dutch landscape of meadows and ditches. You can view very far away, because of the flatness of it all and it just makes for very stunning pictures. Now it's time to warm up with a cup of tea I think.

Can I also just say that this is my absolute favourite weather? What is yours and have you been enjoying this cold weather?

19 ways to brighten your week

Happy blue Monday. The third week of January is known as the most depressing week of the year. I don't care though. I'm determined to make it as fun a week as possible. So far my Monday hasn't been that bad. There have been a few mishaps such as losing my student traveling card, but I managed to sidestep those moments and have fun nonetheless. The weather has been the best thing about today. The sunrise on the train was stunning and the light was so good that I even went up to the terrace for a mini photoshoot. I love this kind of weather. Cold and crispy, but with more then enough sunshine to make up to it. Hopefully the rest of the week will shine just as brightly and here are 19 things to make it even better. Here is to a fun week.

1. Wear the most colorful clothing you own.

2. Try a new recipe

3. Pick up your coloring book for a while

4. Get some fresh air by going on a walk

5. Give someone a hug

6. Smile at a stranger

7. Discover a new place in your hometown

8. Spent some time just looking out the window

9. Go to bed really really early

10. Do the thing you have been putting off for weeks

11. Plan a new adventure

12. Buy yourself some flowers

13. Bake something

14. Have a dance party by yourself

15. Sent something with the post to let someone know you are thinking about them

16. Buy some old school candy

17. Change the background on your phone

18. Rematch your favourite movie

19. Watch the sunrise

Sunday Reflections

:: Another week has come and gone. It hasn't been the most spectacular and has mainly been about returning to uni and catching up with friends. I immediately got lots of work for uni. An essay is due in tomorrow, another one next week and I also have a test coming up. I have found it really hard to concentrate on the essay and I have definitely wasted a lot of time procrastinating instead of writing it. I wish I was that girl who is just super productive and gets lots of things done, but it seems like that still needs some work.

:: A plus side of returning to uni however is the fact that I got to catch up with friends again. One of my best friends actually moved to a neighboring flat on campus last week, which meant lots of tea drinking at each others student rooms. It's great to have someone so close by where I can just pop in and have a little chat.

:: My dairy is slowly filling up with really exciting meetings and projects and I love it. There are birthdays coming up, pizza evenings with friends and I'm even going trampoline jumping with my sports club. I'm weirdly excited about that. I do want to start incorporating a little more traveling into my 2016, but I don't know where I want to go yet. Who wants to go with me?

:: This week I have had slightly more trouble to come up with blogging ideas, but I'm just taking it one at the time. I'm also thinking of changing my blogging layout. What do you think? I feel like it needs a bit of a spruce up and I'm also looking for a header for my blog. If anyone has any tips about who to contact about that, type it in the comments.

I'm going to leave it at that, because I feel like my had is going to explode after writing all day on my computer. I have a massive headache and I might just go to bed very soon. I hope next week will be better, because last week was all but interesting.

How has your week been?

Saturday Blog Share #2

I'm back again with another link-love post on this Saturday. I started this series last week, because I read so many good blogs each week and because I always love reading posts like this. I came up with this title at the last minute and I didn't even realise until today that I might have copied Charlotte. Of course all credit is due to her and you can find her series here. I especially liked the links she shared in todays one.

How has your Saturday been? I've had a hard day at work, but now I'm finally ready to relax tonight with a few of my favourite blogs, an episode of Wie is de Mol and a cup of tea. These are the blog posts I especially liked this week:

Breathe. Slow Down. Zoom In. - A Hearty Home

It's Okay To .... - Living in the Now

Sharing Loss on Social Media and Moving Forward - Ella Masters

Memories of my Favourite Lady - Sophie Cliff

25 Mid-Winter Blog Post Ideas - The Blog Market

A-Z of Michelle: A For Anime - Daisybutter

Provençal Style Winter Vegetable Soup - Seasons & Suppers

Not Really About Her - Superlatively Rude

Detox-Friendly Dark Chocolate and Almond Cake - Snug

100 Stories / Independence - Daisybutter

Why It's OK to be a Flawed Feminist - Thoroughly Modern Millenial

Rustic Italian One-Pot Chicken and Rice - Simple as That

As you can see I have again found a lot of great links recently. Michelle even gets two cheeky mentions. And in the meantime I have also discovered a few new reads again this week: Mo'Adore, Namaste from Ananya, More Mindful You, Permanent Procrastination, Lace & Lilacs, Girl Gone London, Under the Surface

A Thank You

I didn't know what to post today. I have been wrecking my brain over it all morning and I had a few ideas, but none of them satisfied me. It's an odd experience to really want to write and post something on here, but not finding a topic to write about. In the end I decided to just share my thoughts with you, something that has made me so happy lately. And that thing are you guys. All you lovely people who have taken the time out to read one of my blogposts and even commenting, have made my week. When I set the challenge for myself to blog everyday in January, I didn't think I could do it and I definitely didn't think I would enjoy it this much. But now that I'm in the middle of it, I feel like it is one of the best things I've done. And that is also down to you guys, because it is seriously the best feeling in the world to feel like you belong and matter and when people comment on something that you wrote that feeling is strongest. So thank you. Both for my blog and for myself this has been a truly amazing experience so far. I finally have a platform where I can share my everyday thoughts and where I can let myself go. I'm falling in love with blogging.

I never expected that people have visited my blog and commented such nice comments. I have gained more views, followers and comments in these past few weeks than in 2015 alone. I want to thank you all, because it's the sweetest thing to do and it makes me so incredibly. By blogging on here every single day I feel so much more connected with other bloggers and the whole blogosphere in general. When I was posting very occasionally last year I often felt super disconnected with everyone. I turned back into just being a reader and I wasn't engaging as much with everyone as I'm doing now. It was a trying experience, because I often fell out of love with blogging and gave up for months on end. I really do feel that consistency is the key to growing your blog and to keep feeling connected, while also enjoying the experience so much more and I am definitely working on that.

So yeah, I just wanted to say thank you to all the people who have visited my blog these last two weeks in this moment on a very very cold friday morning. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you for taking your time out today to visit this little space and leaving a very sweet comment. Thank you for inspiring. Thank you for being patient with me, while I'm growing this space. Thank you for being so kind to me and giving me tips wherever possible wether it is here or on Twitter. Just thank you. I learn something everyday and I have other bloggers inspire me everyday.

This has turned kind of soppy hasn't it? I just never expected daily blogging to make me so happy. I have finally found something that I really want to do besides just the general boring stuff. It definitely adds something to my life right now and I really hope that it will get me out of my shell even more in the future. Here is to the adventure of blogging.

I am so sorry for this ramble there. I just really wanted to spew words today and that is exactly what I did. What have you been thinking about lately? Anything exciting happening in your lives?

18 Non-Fiction books on my TBR-List

I have never finished a non-fiction book in my life. Somehow I have always preferred fiction books and even when I picked one up, I put it away again after one or two chapters. However I feel like with me being in college and figuring out myself it would be really inspiring to read from other twenty somethings about their experiences in life. I'm really hoping to pick up lots of these amazing books in the next couple of months.

1. Why is Everyone hanging out without me? (And Other Concerns) by Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling's first book has been on my to be read list for a long, long time. Now that I finally have a copy, I can't wait to read it. She shares funny anecdotes and observations on romance, friendship and hollywood in this first book.

2. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

In this book Elizabeth Gilbert shares her perspective on creativity and what she has learned as a writer. I heard from lots of bloggers and creatives alike that they learned a lot from this book and I can't wait to find out what interesting insights she has to share.

3. The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

I have had this book on my shelf since the summer of 2014 when I bought it on a whim at Schiphol airport on the way to Greece for a beach holiday. I read the first two chapters on the plane and I really liked it, but never picked it up again. She shares a year in her life when she tries everything to become more happy. Don't we all want to find a way to be happier? Very inspiring.

4. Yes, Please by Amy Poehler

Again, I heard so many good things about this book. Yes Please is Amy Poehler's memoir full of funny insights.

5. #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso

I'm always up for some girl power and this book seems to be full of it. It is an autobiography from Sophia Amoruso, the founder and CEO of Nasty Gal. She has a lot of insights on the business front and will probably give us some great advice in this book.

6. Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari

In this book Aziz Ansari (known from The Office I think?) shares his thoughts on dating in the modern world including social media and dating apps. Since my dating isn't exactly going great, I thought this might be a good read.

7. Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail by Cheryl Strayed

Talk about an inspiring journey. Walking more than 2000 miles without any training on the Pacific Crest Trail is seriously awesome and takes some great willpower. This book has also been made into a movie, which I'm dying to see too.

8. Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand In the Suna and Be Your Own Person by Shonda Rhimes

Who wouldn't want to read a book by the creator of Grey's Anatomy And Scandal (both shows I still need to finish watching). As an introvert I always struggle with saying yes. I much rather say no and stay inside all day, which is why I think this would be a very good read.

9. Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking by Susan Cain

I read the first chapter of this book and was immediately captivated. I still need to finish this, but from what I've read as an introvert myself it is a book I can learn a lot from. Especially since she talks about her college experience and how she became a lawyer even when she was an introvert. I'm in college now and can definitely learn a lot from her.

10. All I Know Now: Wonderings and Reflections on Growing Up Gracefully by Carrie H. Fletcher

I have been inspired by Carrie ever since I've followed her on Twitter. I have seen her built her Youtube Channel, get a job in Les Miserables and now also writing her books. Your teenage years can be a difficult time. This book is full of reflections on growing up and can definitely serve as a guide on how to grow up.

11. I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban by Malala Yousafzai

Talking about an inspiration. Basically all the writers of these books are inspirations, but I think we can all agree that Malala is someone special and everyone has to at least read that book ones in their lives. Ever since I saw her on College Tour I have always wanted to know more about her.

12. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

Again a book that everyone plus has talked about and I definitely need to own. Since I'm naturally a messy person and I moved out of my parents house last year I need to learn some organization skills to keep my room tidy.

13. Bad Feminist by Roxane Hay

There are so many good books on this list I'm sure and I have also heard many people talk about this book. Feminism is an ever evolving thing and we can all call ourselves (bad) feminists in some kind of form. None of us are perfect, but we are all fighting for women rights in some form or another.

14. Bossypants by Tina Fey

Tina Fey is one awesome woman. This is again another amazing memoir from a very inspiring human being.

15. Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She's "Learned" by Lena Dunham

It is starting to get boring right, but again another woman who can make us all proud. A really good actress who shares some really great things about being a girl and gives her her own insides of life.

16. The Opposite of Loneliness: Essays and Stories by Marina Keegan

This book has been on my TBR for a long long long time. Marina actually died in a car crash five years after graduating from college and this is a memoir of her in the form of her essays and stories from Yale. I feel like this is one of those books that I will have to read as a college student at one point. This is probably the book that I'm dying to read most from this list.

17. Rising Strong by Brené Brown

My mom has raved about this book and other books from Brené Brown such as The Skills of Imperfection. Just because of that I should pick this up, but it also sounds really awesome. It is all about the physics of vulnerability and what happens after you fall.

18. Without You, There Is No Us: My secret life teaching the sons of North Korea's elite - Suki Kim

I only put this book on the list after I read a post from Catherine, who said everyone must drop what they were doing and pick up this book, because it was amazing. And why should we not listen? I have also always been fascinated by North Korea. It is such a weird country and I'm excited what insights this book can bring.

And I said interesting way to many times. What are books that you are desperate to read sometime soon?

The Wanderlist: Detroit


With my degree at uni comes a sense of wanderlust that I can't seem to shake. I study human geography & planning at Utrecht University. Everything we learn about is based on a certain place or region on earth. It's really awesome and I learn a lot about cultures, places and people. A prime example of what we study is the concept of the Donut City. This is the shape a city can take after industry moves away and the city is impoverished. There are a lot more concepts surrounding all kinds of cities. The landscape of a city is often based on the different ethnic groups that live there and their work environment. That is something I'm really interested in and it might also be why I find Detroit such a fascinating city. I can't wait to visit it in the future.

I thought it would maybe be fun to start a mini series on here, where I share what I learned about these places in class and why I want to visit them. With this series I can combine what I learn daily and what I write on my blog, while also virtually traveling the world. By making this list, I will have an overview of the places I'm dying to visit the most and I can go about ticking them of my list.  I'm starting with Detroit, because it's so fascinating and not really the most touristic place to visit.

Daily Mail

Daily Mail

Detroit - The Donut City
No Detroit isn't known for it's donuts. It is more likely known for it's automobile industry and it's music scene from the precious century. It was a prosperous city in the 1960, but has known decline ever since. This is mainly due to industrial restructuring, which lead to a massive loss of jobs. In the process Detroit lost a considerable population. Most people left the inner city and it became abandoned and run down. At the same time though the outer edges, the suburbs, flourished like everywhere in the United States. Hence the name donut. The city has  a hole in the middle, but at the same time a nice, fluffy and  tasty ring of suburbs that are very popular.

Daily Mail

Ever since I learned this about Detroit I've been dying to visit. This might sound weird, but I'd love to go to the inner city and see the abandoned buildings. Did you know that there are 40.000 empty buildings in the city centre? It must be like some kind of spooky, ghost town there. (This might not be entirely true though, since there are still about 800.000 people that live there).


One of the places I'd definitely want to visit if I'd ever be able to visit would be the Michigan Central Station. For several decades millions of people would arrive every day to go to work or leave for home. But since 1988 no train has run from it again, all because of the recession and the fall of the auto industry. I don't think public transport is as frequently used in the United States as it is in Europe but still. I don't know about you, but I'd definitely want to visit such a place. Just imagine what kind of history places like this have.

It seems like such an interesting city. When I get the change to finally visit the United States, Detroit is definitely on my list of must-visit. It would be awesome to see some of the things that I study about in class, in real life.

I'm really excited about this series. What do you think? And are there any places that you've heard about that you really want to visit?

Mini Amsterdam Haul

 Since I still had my last week of freedom last week, before classes started again , I thought I would treat myself to an afternoon of shopping. I hadn't been to Amsterdam in ages and it seemed like the perfect opportunity. I went on a tuesday afternoon with a few gift cards and leftover Christmas money to spend  and I came home with a few nice things. I wasn't necessarily in the mood for clothes shopping hence why this haul is mainly a lifestyle and interior haul. I bought a few lush bath bombs in the sale, went into a few bookshops and hit up a really good Scandinavian interior shop, called Søstrene Grene.

One of the first shops I had to pop into was of course Lush. I was hoping they still had some christmas bath bombs left in the sale and it seems I was lucky, because they still had loads. In the end I picked up two Butter Bears, a Yog Nog and a Mud Pud bath bomb. Butter Bear is one of my absolute favourite bath bombs and I'm really excited to try the Yog Nog and Mud Pud ones.

The main reason I love shopping in Amsterdam is the variety they have of English book shops. There are three in a zone of 500 meter and there is even a Waterstones. I don't know any other Dutch city that has as many English Book stores and since I love books I just had to visit them and pick something up. After a lot of weighing, I could have bought anything, I decided to go with Why is Everyone Hanging Out without Me by Mindy Kaling. I had been eyeing it up for a long time and heard amazing things about it.

I also accidentally stumbled across a really great interior shop: Søstrene Grene. It is a Danish shop and they have lots of cute, cheap stuff for in your home or when you want to get creative. I picked up quite a few bits and bobs here: A vase, a really nice picture frame for on the wall, a few postcards and some really nice green tea (mint and lemon flavour).

And then last, but not least I bought some tulips from the train station on the way home. I find that it's a really nice way to brighten up my home in these dark months.

Did you buy anything in the sales lately? I love January sales.

Sunday Reflections

Since everyone seems to be doing these posts, I thought why not join into the mix. I feel like it is one of those things that is part of blogging. Everyone who shares their reflections on their week, adds to the more personal side of blogging. These are my favourite posts to read as well. Wether it is some simple thoughts written down or pictures being shared or just a list of little things that made them happy this week. I don't even know, I like them all. And I don't even know who to credit this to as there are seriously so many bloggers who do this reflection thing at the end of the week. I can only say thank you for creating this space where you can share your thoughts and reflections.

Eén.    This weekend has known the end of my winter break from uni. I'm go back again on Monday, but have already been back in Utrecht since last week (though I've been home for the weekend) and have enjoyed the quiet time immensely. I have been able to get my blogging game on and have slowly been preparing for the upcoming weeks of tests and essays. It has honestly been so relaxing.

Twee.  My granddad turned 65 last week (he is still so young!) and we had a lovely lunch/brunch today with the whole family. I especially love hanging out with my little cousins, who are just the cutest bunch ever. Especially now that they have reached that age where they just won't shut up.

Drie.  Have you seen I've been blogging every single day for the last week? Go have a look, if you think you've missed anything. I thought it would be much harder to find the time and inspiration, but in actual fact I have loved sitting down every night and typing up a new post for you guys. I especially loved this post. It came straight from my heart.

Vier.   Blogging more consistently has also done wonders to my views and comments. I got more comments on my posts than I've ever had in the history of this blog. I absolutely love receiving them. You are a lovely lot.

Vijf.   I have discovered some very interesting reads this week, which I can't wait to tuck into. I have also taken a few old paperbacks with me from home that I'm very interested in. Hopefully I will have enough time in the next couple of weeks to finish some of those books.

Zes. Excerciseing (is this the correct spelling?) regularly has done wonders for my state of mind too. I started up my floorball training again last week and have also started doing 30 days of Yoga. I have loved waking up with a little yoga every day.

How has your week been?

Saturday Blog Share #1

I personally really like reading these posts. I always safe them for the weekend and use them as a way to discover new blogs. We can always use more love in this community and I have read some awesome new blogs and blogposts this week. I thought it would be nice to share a few of my favorites and share the love this way. How has your week been? Mine has been purely relaxing. I've enjoyed my last week of before the new semester fully. I've been to Amsterdam for an afternoon, been blogging everyday and doing lots of yoga. I have also been reading blogs everyday and these were ones I enjoyed most:

Les Petits Bonheurs #1 - Nettle & Blackberry

A Return - Free People Blog

40 Thoughts of a Blogger Newbie - Sophie Anne Hamilton

My Neighborhood series - Chapter Friday

Losing Yourself in Literature - Liza Tait-Bailey

2015, A Year In The Life - Vermilion Amy V. Norris

I've also done quite a big clear up of my Bloglovin feed and have discovered new blogs in the process. A few new blogs I've discovered this week: Anna Actually, What Mia Did, Eat Your Tea Cup, Sunny Days and Lovely Days, Prettypleese, Missing Wanderer and Notes from Joana.

A Year of Challenges: January

Slightly unrelated picture, but I just really like it - Unsplash

I have been thinking about my new year's resolutions and I want to make this year a little bit more interesting. I thought it would be a good idea to actually start achieving a few things and doing a few challenges. I'm not going to do 30 day challenges every single month, but I want to have one or two things to focus on each month, as a way of actually achieving things.

I talked about this before, but in January one of the challenges I set myself is to blog every single day. So far I'm really enjoying this. It isn't as hard as I expected and I love challenging myself to be creative every single day. I have been on my winter break still though and I'm half afraid if I'm going to manage with so many deadlines looming.

I read somewhere lately, I can't remember where, that it is better to focus on one thing at the time. Instead of trying to complete all goals at once. It is near impossible to stop eating sugar, start working out daily and burying yourself in being productive all at once, for me anyway. I would drive myself crazy. Start on one goal and then move on with the next one after you have completed it, is the way to go for me. Plus I'd like to have a little bit of fun this year.

Besides daily blogging this month, I am also doing the 30 days of yoga challenge from Yoga With Adriene. It is amazing so far, though I'm not going to beat myself up when I don't make it every single day. The 30 days of yoga challenge feels incredible!  I definitely recommend it. And because I'm daily blogging, I have also given my blog an enormous boost. I have had more comments in the 8 days I've been doing it so far then the whole first year of my blog. Maybe challenges is the way to go.

I'd love to hear about any other challenges you have done or that you think sound interesting. Other challenges I'm thinking of myself are a 30 day photography or instagram challenge, a reading challenge (maybe in summer) and a 30 day minimalism challenge. I might even try to do a healthy eating challenge sometime.

Have you done any challenges that you've really liked?

Mini Guide to Amsterdam

If you didn't know: Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands. I am lucky enough to only live about 20 minutes away and I can visit it whenever I have a spare afternoon. Just in case you find time to visit this amazing city, I thought I would share a few of my favourite things to do.

Bike or Wander around
Amsterdam is certainly a city that is easy to navigate by foot or bike. All the highlights are within walking distance. I highly suggest just wandering, seeing what you can discover. Maybe you will come across the cutest shop or come upon a tucked away square. All the main events are a walking distance from the Central Station, so you should come across something interesting.

Walk across the canals
I also recommend the canals. This is of course the main event of Amsterdam. Just wander over a few bridges and you will come across the most beautiful shots.

Visit a museum
I'd suggest either the Rijksmuseum or Anne Frank's house. If I'm completely honest I have never been to Anne Frank's house, which is terrible as Anne Frank is part of our national and global culture and a really important story. It is definitely on my to-visit-soon list though.

Go shopping
I love shopping in Amsterdam. There are more foreign shops than in other dutch cities. You can find Topshop or Waterstones there for example. And there are lots of English bookshops as well, which love. You can also visit The Nine Streets, which are streets along the canals full of awesome, tiny, indepent stores. There is even a shop that only sells one item, which is a dark chocolate cookie with a white chocolate center. They are the best cookies I have ever eaten.

Visit Dam Square

Dam Square is situated in central Amsterdam and houses the Royal Palace as well as the New Church. They are both worth visiting, but you should definitely go to the square, because it is beautiful.

Of course there are many more things to do in Amsterdam. And I definitely haven't discovered it all either, but I hope you liked these tips.

Do you have any suggestions for me? I always have a hard time looking for restaurants and I would love to know more independent shops.

Where does my blog fit in?

Most bloggers I know have valid reasons for starting a blog and then really good reasons for continuing with it. It seems like they all have a vision of what they want their blog to become and have thought of ways on how to reach that. They might be beauty bloggers, or fashion bloggers or might be really into travel or books. Some might have a blog for sharing the small things in life or use it as a kickstart to a new career in journalism. I like reading them all. They might not have a specific niche that they belong in or maybe they do. When a blogger has a vision and personality, I'm likely to read it.

But what do i want my blog to become? And how am I going to bring passion and personality into blogging?

I think almost everyone has asked that question in their lifetime. Where do I belong? Where do I fit in? Where does my blog fit in? And: What do I want my blog to become? What goals do I want to reach? The one answer I can give right now: is that I haven't figured it out yet. But maybe this blogpost will help me with that. Writing things down has always helped me to figure things out.

I don't know what I like to blog about yet. Haven't found my blogging voice yet. Which isn't that weird considering I just started and all. This month is actually the first time that I'm really giving it a go. But I do really want to think about the direction I want to take my blog in. Which is why today you will get a bit of a ramble. I have no idea what is going to come out of this blog post and I haven't planned it at all. We shall see shall we?

It might be a bit of a problem that I don't have a very interesting life and that I'm not necessarily into spending lots of money on beauty and fashion products. I don't like taking photos of myself and most days I don't even put make up on. It seems like those things are important features as a blogger as taking photos of yourself seems part of the deal. Will my blog be kept unread, because I won't do what everyone else is doing? You might even wonder what there is left to blog about and I'm starting to wonder that myself too. I don't want my blog to be just another blog that talks about the things they bought or their house interior. I don't want to be yet another blogger who shares outfits or beauty reviews. I want to be interesting and my blog to be special and unique. I think the first step to such a goal, might be to start writing about the things that I'm interested in. Write a blog that I would want to read and get down to the gritty, real me. Staying close to myself.

I always seem to ask the people around me: What do you think? What should I do? But I'm not going to do that here. This is my place and here I have the freedom to do whatever I want. No restrictions, no deadlines. It's like decorating your own apartment for the first time. Do whatever you want. No one has to live there and if visitors don't like it, they can always leave.

Where my blog fits in, I don't know. Maybe it won't fit in anywhere and I don't care. But we will figure it out along the way.

I'm just going to be me for now.
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