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19 ways to brighten your week

Happy blue Monday. The third week of January is known as the most depressing week of the year. I don't care though. I'm determined to make it as fun a week as possible. So far my Monday hasn't been that bad. There have been a few mishaps such as losing my student traveling card, but I managed to sidestep those moments and have fun nonetheless. The weather has been the best thing about today. The sunrise on the train was stunning and the light was so good that I even went up to the terrace for a mini photoshoot. I love this kind of weather. Cold and crispy, but with more then enough sunshine to make up to it. Hopefully the rest of the week will shine just as brightly and here are 19 things to make it even better. Here is to a fun week.

1. Wear the most colorful clothing you own.

2. Try a new recipe

3. Pick up your coloring book for a while

4. Get some fresh air by going on a walk

5. Give someone a hug

6. Smile at a stranger

7. Discover a new place in your hometown

8. Spent some time just looking out the window

9. Go to bed really really early

10. Do the thing you have been putting off for weeks

11. Plan a new adventure

12. Buy yourself some flowers

13. Bake something

14. Have a dance party by yourself

15. Sent something with the post to let someone know you are thinking about them

16. Buy some old school candy

17. Change the background on your phone

18. Rematch your favourite movie

19. Watch the sunrise
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  1. These sound good, will hopefully try them out soon :)

  2. number one made me realise that I own an almost monochrome wardrobe, oops!
    Minaali x
    the snap narrative


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