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A Thank You

I didn't know what to post today. I have been wrecking my brain over it all morning and I had a few ideas, but none of them satisfied me. It's an odd experience to really want to write and post something on here, but not finding a topic to write about. In the end I decided to just share my thoughts with you, something that has made me so happy lately. And that thing are you guys. All you lovely people who have taken the time out to read one of my blogposts and even commenting, have made my week. When I set the challenge for myself to blog everyday in January, I didn't think I could do it and I definitely didn't think I would enjoy it this much. But now that I'm in the middle of it, I feel like it is one of the best things I've done. And that is also down to you guys, because it is seriously the best feeling in the world to feel like you belong and matter and when people comment on something that you wrote that feeling is strongest. So thank you. Both for my blog and for myself this has been a truly amazing experience so far. I finally have a platform where I can share my everyday thoughts and where I can let myself go. I'm falling in love with blogging.

I never expected that people have visited my blog and commented such nice comments. I have gained more views, followers and comments in these past few weeks than in 2015 alone. I want to thank you all, because it's the sweetest thing to do and it makes me so incredibly. By blogging on here every single day I feel so much more connected with other bloggers and the whole blogosphere in general. When I was posting very occasionally last year I often felt super disconnected with everyone. I turned back into just being a reader and I wasn't engaging as much with everyone as I'm doing now. It was a trying experience, because I often fell out of love with blogging and gave up for months on end. I really do feel that consistency is the key to growing your blog and to keep feeling connected, while also enjoying the experience so much more and I am definitely working on that.

So yeah, I just wanted to say thank you to all the people who have visited my blog these last two weeks in this moment on a very very cold friday morning. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you for taking your time out today to visit this little space and leaving a very sweet comment. Thank you for inspiring. Thank you for being patient with me, while I'm growing this space. Thank you for being so kind to me and giving me tips wherever possible wether it is here or on Twitter. Just thank you. I learn something everyday and I have other bloggers inspire me everyday.

This has turned kind of soppy hasn't it? I just never expected daily blogging to make me so happy. I have finally found something that I really want to do besides just the general boring stuff. It definitely adds something to my life right now and I really hope that it will get me out of my shell even more in the future. Here is to the adventure of blogging.

I am so sorry for this ramble there. I just really wanted to spew words today and that is exactly what I did. What have you been thinking about lately? Anything exciting happening in your lives?
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