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Photos from Christmas Day

Christmas day 2015 was the first Christmas I've ever spent away from home. Like I said in yesterday's post we went on a skiing holiday over Christmas. In the months leading up to the holiday I had been anticipating a white christmas. We would wake up in the morning and would have our christmas brunch and open our presents while it was snowing outside and spent the afternoon skiing down the slopes. There wasn't any snow in the valley though sadly. I'm considering christmas 2015 as a half-white christmas, because even if down in the valleys there wasn't any snow, up in the mountains there most definitely was.

Our Christmas festivities started on Christmas Eve. We opened our presents. It wasn't much, seeing as we couldn't take tons of presents in the car with us. We all had a small present for the other. I loved the presents my family got me. I got a few notebooks, a diary, calendar, some candles, pencils and a new coloring book.

After opening the presents my mum and I went on a little wander in our local village to see if there was a Christmas Mass in the little church. Sadly there wasn't, it was in a bigger town a few km up ahead, but we had a lovely walk none the less and the lights from the christmas tree next to the church made me feel very festive.

On a normal skiing day we would get up at 7.30 and be out the door by 9 to go skiing. On Christmas Day we gave ourselves the morning off though. It was really nice to be able to relax a little, while still getting some skiing on in the afternoon.

The day started with a breakfast spread that consisted of bread, sweet toppings (which is a dutch thing), cheese, Austrian meats scrambled eggs and tea.

After relaxing for the rest of the morning and doodling in my new coloring book, it was time to head out to the mountains ones more. We decided to go to Obergurgl again, because we really liked it there and spent a good few hours skiing. It was our last day so we had to make the most of it.

Of course we also had to stop off for some obligatory hot chocolates. We decided to go back to a ski hut we had been to the day before. It was located high up the mountain with stunning views of the whole Ă–tztal. And the decor was really cute as well. Plus they had some really good cheese platters and mulled wine.

Kirchenkar Ski Hut

Of course we also had to have a christmas dinner. We had all the things we would normally have at a dutch christmas dinner: stoofperen, aardappelkroketjes, peultjes, some salad, apple sauce and a nice selection of meats (in this case some shoarma and a little beef. For desert we went crazy with ice cream, cream, strawberries, egg nog and icing sugar, but that is not pictures because I couldn't get my camera to focus. 
How was your Christmas? I'm honestly thinking about spending every christmas in the mountains from now on.
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  1. I love this! It's so amazing seeing how different cultures celebrate christmas and it looks like you had so much fun! Lucy, aspectatorsport.com xx


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