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Saturday Blog Share #1

I personally really like reading these posts. I always safe them for the weekend and use them as a way to discover new blogs. We can always use more love in this community and I have read some awesome new blogs and blogposts this week. I thought it would be nice to share a few of my favorites and share the love this way. How has your week been? Mine has been purely relaxing. I've enjoyed my last week of before the new semester fully. I've been to Amsterdam for an afternoon, been blogging everyday and doing lots of yoga. I have also been reading blogs everyday and these were ones I enjoyed most:

Les Petits Bonheurs #1 - Nettle & Blackberry

A Return - Free People Blog

40 Thoughts of a Blogger Newbie - Sophie Anne Hamilton

My Neighborhood series - Chapter Friday

Losing Yourself in Literature - Liza Tait-Bailey

2015, A Year In The Life - Vermilion Amy V. Norris

I've also done quite a big clear up of my Bloglovin feed and have discovered new blogs in the process. A few new blogs I've discovered this week: Anna Actually, What Mia Did, Eat Your Tea Cup, Sunny Days and Lovely Days, Prettypleese, Missing Wanderer and Notes from Joana.

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  1. I also follow Eat Your Tea Cup, SDLW, Pretty Pleese, and Notes from Joana! :D I found the article about the most important question in your life very interesting. I'm glad to see you had such a relaxing week! My week has been pretty busy, but I was able to relax over the weekend, so I'm thankful for that :) Looking forward to this series! I'm always trying to find new blogs :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. I love discovering new blogs :) I thought it would be time to start a series like this on my blog since I always feel so inspired by other people.

      Love, Eline


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