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Saturday Blog Share #2

I'm back again with another link-love post on this Saturday. I started this series last week, because I read so many good blogs each week and because I always love reading posts like this. I came up with this title at the last minute and I didn't even realise until today that I might have copied Charlotte. Of course all credit is due to her and you can find her series here. I especially liked the links she shared in todays one.

How has your Saturday been? I've had a hard day at work, but now I'm finally ready to relax tonight with a few of my favourite blogs, an episode of Wie is de Mol and a cup of tea. These are the blog posts I especially liked this week:

Breathe. Slow Down. Zoom In. - A Hearty Home

It's Okay To .... - Living in the Now

Sharing Loss on Social Media and Moving Forward - Ella Masters

Memories of my Favourite Lady - Sophie Cliff

25 Mid-Winter Blog Post Ideas - The Blog Market

A-Z of Michelle: A For Anime - Daisybutter

Proven├žal Style Winter Vegetable Soup - Seasons & Suppers

Not Really About Her - Superlatively Rude

Detox-Friendly Dark Chocolate and Almond Cake - Snug

100 Stories / Independence - Daisybutter

Why It's OK to be a Flawed Feminist - Thoroughly Modern Millenial

Rustic Italian One-Pot Chicken and Rice - Simple as That

As you can see I have again found a lot of great links recently. Michelle even gets two cheeky mentions. And in the meantime I have also discovered a few new reads again this week: Mo'Adore, Namaste from Ananya, More Mindful You, Permanent Procrastination, Lace & Lilacs, Girl Gone London, Under the Surface
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  1. Thanks so much for the mention! :-)

    1. You're welcome. Thank you for commenting.

  2. Thank you for my mentions, Eline! Far too lovely of you! x

    1. You have an awesome blog my dear and you deserve every mention you get from me.
      Thank you so much for commenting. Love, Eline

  3. Lovely post! Im so glad i found your blog! Followed you on BlogLovin'!

    Darriyan x


    1. Thank you so much for following me and commenting. It means a lot and I'll be sure to check your blog too.

  4. thanks for sharing your fave blogs, I'm still browsing for news ones to look at!

    1. I'm discovering new ones every week and I don't think that will ever end haha.
      Thank you for commenting lovely!

  5. Thank you so much for including my link! It means a lot xx hadh0peamy.wordpress.com


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