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Saturday Blog Share #3

I'm so happy it's Saturday evening again. I haven't been feeling that great towards the end of the week and to be honest I'm looking forward to summer. But this week is over and another one is about to start. Hopefully it will be a little bit better. Saturday nights are my favorite evenings. I get to relax with my family, watch really good television and write on here This week I have discovered a few really awesome blogposts once again. My particular favorites are listed down below. You might be able to notice a trend if you've read the last few editions of this series. I mainly like thoughtful, lifestyle posts and a few lists thrown in for good measure. I don't know what that is, but those are the articles that I'm drawn to. I hope you enjoy:

100 stories / Freefall - Daisybutter

If Merida was Part of Your Squad - Novellette

Why It's Okay to be Weird Online - Helene in Between

My Day in Tea Cups - Miel Cafe

Rotterdam, City of Contrasts - Urban Pixxels

Playing catch up. - Being Little

India Part I: Delhi & Vijayawada - Liza Tait Bailey

India Part II: Hyderabad - Liza Tait Bailey

Not That Kind of Girl - On Serpentine Shores

What it's Really Like to Live with a Blogger - Sophie Rosie

The Obsessed Fan's Guide to Period Dramas - Snug

Another 50 Creative Blog Post Ideas - Writing in Red Lipstick

Getting Shit Done - Girl Lost in the City

Of course I have also discovered a few new blogs this week. I have to be honest with you all though, I haven't been that active on twitter this week, which means I haven't been talking to very many bloggers this week. Still these are a few of my new follows: Little Miss Fii, Carpe Diem Emmie, Synonym, Olivia Blogs, Thatssobekaah and A Portrait of Youth.

Happy Saturday! Are you doing anything exciting this weekend? I'll have to do tons of revision this week(end) sadly enough. But we'll get through it.

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  1. Thank you for my mention once again Eline, too sweet of you! I'm so pleased you enjoy my posts!

    Hope you start feeling a little better soon, that pesky Seasonal Affective Disorder eh? I really like the crisp cool coldness of winter but, oh what I wouldn't do for a sun-kissed Monday tomorrow! x

  2. Did you photograph that?
    It is soooo beautiful <3


    1. Thank you! Yeah I took it on a holiday in Greece a few years ago. I was wishing for summer which was why I put it up.

  3. That photograph is beautiful and I love this blog post! So much content, so little time. ^^
    The Snap Narrative

    1. Thank you lovely! It was taken on a holiday in Greece a few years ago. I know right. I promise you these posts are seriously worth your time though!

      Love, Eline

  4. Love the "my day in teacups"! I don't drink tea very often, so I'm trying to think of a different version that I could perhaps one day post about that shows a day in my life, but through a particular object. Really enjoyed the "not that kind of girl" article. Reminds me of yours about where your blog fits in :) <3 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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