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Skiing in Austria (With Snow!)

Editor's note: I tweeted on twitter that I wasn't able to get a post up today as I wasn't feeling good at all. My stomach was upset and I spent most of my evening on the toilet praying for it to go away. But I'm feeling better now and I don't want to go to bed yet, so it seems that this post will be up after all. I hope you enjoy.

We started our road trip at 4am on a Saturday morning. I had spent the evening before working my last shift and in the early hours of the morning we went off  to the Alps. It was a more or less 8-hour drive and I spent most of my time listening to the new Justin Bieber album. I think we arrived at about 2.30 in the afternoon. It was the first time we were going away at Christmas and the first skiing holiday for my family and I in three years. It was safe to say I was more then excited. And what a week it was, even for the lack of snow in the valleys.

Beautiful sunshine, more than enough snow, an amazing apartment, baths, hot chocolates, slopes, mountains, mulled wine, festive music, cheese, good food and presents. It was safe to say that it was magical.

The first day on the slopes was immediately the warmest day of the week and after that the weather has been perfect. The skies were blue and the views were stunning. We went to Solden, where we had never been before and the slopes go up to 3000 meter. This means that it is fail-safe when it comes to snow. Even in Summer you can ski here. Since it was our first time here, it meant there was enough to explore. This is exactly what we did that first day, while also basking in the sunshine with a hot chocolate and some cake.

And we were never bored. It is safe to say that this is one of the biggest ski resorts of the alps. There is more than enough to discover. I don't think we haven't even done all the slopes yet, which means we must return sometime in the future.

Of course with such a beautiful background, we couldn't resist to make some good profile pictures. I especially love the one from my mum and dad above. They look so happy.

Everywhere we went the views got better and better. The one from below for example was taken in Obergurgl, which is another ski resort in the area. If you look closely, you can see clouds nestled between mountain tops. Isn't that beautiful? From where we stood you could see as far as Italy.

The best thing about getting up in the morning is knowing you will get freshly prepped slopes and another beautiful day of sunshine, food and skiing. I love the mornings on the slopes the most. Still fresh from a good night sleep you can give it your all and everything is peaceful and calm at the same time. We were lucky that it wasn't very crowded. We could enjoy everything in the peace and quiet. At one point me and my dad were even the only ones on the piste and it hadn't even gone past 3pm.

If you are thinking about going skiing during the christmas break, I can only recommend you go in the week leading up to christmas, because the week between christmas and new year is packed and the slopes will have gotten a lot busier and the snow worse.

Of course we couldn't resist to make some in action photos either. In the above picture you can see me. This was just before the most epic fall of the week, where I went face down the slopes and couldn't stop, because my skis were behind me. I rolled down half the piste, before I could make myself stop and I lost my ski and ski poles in the meantime.

Solden is the location where the newest James Bond film was shot and of course we had to go to a few of the locations featured in the movie. One of them was the Ice Q, which is normally a restaurant, but figured in the movie as a privately owned clinic. Of course we had to go up there and drink a sneaky hot chocolate and enjoy the views.

Another James Bond location was a road that winds it way up the mountain and has a slope next to it. You can see the road if you look closely in the picture below. Besides that road was a piste you could ski down. If you've seen the movie you know the scene where a car and helicopter chase each other down the mountain. This was shot on this exact road and piste next to it. It felt very surreal to be skiing down on that piste myself. I felt like a miss James Bond.

I hope you enjoyed these snapshots from my skiing trip to Austria today. To be honest after seeing these pictures all I can think about is going back. Hopefully I will be back next year though, so I'll just have to wait it out.

Stay tuned for more pictures from my holiday in the next few days.

I want to know though, have you ever been on a skiing holiday and what do you enjoy the most?

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