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Sunday Reflections

Since everyone seems to be doing these posts, I thought why not join into the mix. I feel like it is one of those things that is part of blogging. Everyone who shares their reflections on their week, adds to the more personal side of blogging. These are my favourite posts to read as well. Wether it is some simple thoughts written down or pictures being shared or just a list of little things that made them happy this week. I don't even know, I like them all. And I don't even know who to credit this to as there are seriously so many bloggers who do this reflection thing at the end of the week. I can only say thank you for creating this space where you can share your thoughts and reflections.

Eén.    This weekend has known the end of my winter break from uni. I'm go back again on Monday, but have already been back in Utrecht since last week (though I've been home for the weekend) and have enjoyed the quiet time immensely. I have been able to get my blogging game on and have slowly been preparing for the upcoming weeks of tests and essays. It has honestly been so relaxing.

Twee.  My granddad turned 65 last week (he is still so young!) and we had a lovely lunch/brunch today with the whole family. I especially love hanging out with my little cousins, who are just the cutest bunch ever. Especially now that they have reached that age where they just won't shut up.

Drie.  Have you seen I've been blogging every single day for the last week? Go have a look, if you think you've missed anything. I thought it would be much harder to find the time and inspiration, but in actual fact I have loved sitting down every night and typing up a new post for you guys. I especially loved this post. It came straight from my heart.

Vier.   Blogging more consistently has also done wonders to my views and comments. I got more comments on my posts than I've ever had in the history of this blog. I absolutely love receiving them. You are a lovely lot.

Vijf.   I have discovered some very interesting reads this week, which I can't wait to tuck into. I have also taken a few old paperbacks with me from home that I'm very interested in. Hopefully I will have enough time in the next couple of weeks to finish some of those books.

Zes. Excerciseing (is this the correct spelling?) regularly has done wonders for my state of mind too. I started up my floorball training again last week and have also started doing 30 days of Yoga. I have loved waking up with a little yoga every day.

How has your week been?
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  1. drie <3 exercising :) I've been meaning to do some yoga, but I'm currently being hosted at someone else's house, so I don't want to be too much of a disruption. I think I'll shoot for a little bit of meditating for now :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. I definitely want to take up meditating too. I can see how yoga might not work for you now though, but you can always do the challenge sometime later this year.

      Love, Eline


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