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Sunday Reflections

:: Another week has come and gone. It hasn't been the most spectacular and has mainly been about returning to uni and catching up with friends. I immediately got lots of work for uni. An essay is due in tomorrow, another one next week and I also have a test coming up. I have found it really hard to concentrate on the essay and I have definitely wasted a lot of time procrastinating instead of writing it. I wish I was that girl who is just super productive and gets lots of things done, but it seems like that still needs some work.

:: A plus side of returning to uni however is the fact that I got to catch up with friends again. One of my best friends actually moved to a neighboring flat on campus last week, which meant lots of tea drinking at each others student rooms. It's great to have someone so close by where I can just pop in and have a little chat.

:: My dairy is slowly filling up with really exciting meetings and projects and I love it. There are birthdays coming up, pizza evenings with friends and I'm even going trampoline jumping with my sports club. I'm weirdly excited about that. I do want to start incorporating a little more traveling into my 2016, but I don't know where I want to go yet. Who wants to go with me?

:: This week I have had slightly more trouble to come up with blogging ideas, but I'm just taking it one at the time. I'm also thinking of changing my blogging layout. What do you think? I feel like it needs a bit of a spruce up and I'm also looking for a header for my blog. If anyone has any tips about who to contact about that, type it in the comments.

I'm going to leave it at that, because I feel like my had is going to explode after writing all day on my computer. I have a massive headache and I might just go to bed very soon. I hope next week will be better, because last week was all but interesting.

How has your week been?
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