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I'm sorry I haven't been active on the blog as of late. Because I haven't had the change to catch up with you in ages, I thought I would write a bit of a catch up post. This time in the form of verbs. I felt like changing things up a bit. Plus my goal from now on is to write a bit more frequently, but about the smaller things in life. More of a diary of sort, without much thought given to topics to write about. I want to start being a bit more spontaneous with this spot on the internet. I figured this would be a good place to start. Enjoy.

EATING warm homemade apple pie.

DRINKING coffee. I used to only drink tea, but lately coffee is starting to grow on me, especially a good cappucino mid-morning.

READING Summer Skin. It's a steamy new adult, with lots of positive feminism and real life. It's probably one of my favourite books I've ever read.

WATCHING youtube videos. I'm currently obsessed with the videos the Michalaks are putting up. I'm in love with the way they film and take notice of the little moments. I look forward to watching them every Sunday.

PLANNING my summer. Everything is gearing up for it to be one of the best summers I've had in a long time. There might even be a sneaky road trip happening with my best girls.

BAKING hot cross buns for Easter Sunday tomorrow. It's the first time I've made them. I'm very curious and slightly anxious about how they are going to turn out. Fingers crossed.

ANTICIPATING a cake and coffee catchup with my best friend on Tuesday. I can't wait to catch up.

CRAVING summer fruit. Cherries, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, peaches. I can't wait to pick them up by the bucking load when they are in season.

LISTENING TO Oh Wonder's debut album. Ever since beingintroduced to them by Katy, I can't seem to stop listening.

LEARNING about the way our brains work. There is a very interesting tv show on right now.

WEARING my favourite combination of jeans, shirt and cardigan.

BUYING spring dresses. I picked up a really cute green dotted dress, perfect for easter this weekend and I'm in love with it.

WISHING FOR this term to be over so I can go on holiday to Lisbon with my best friend. It's going to kick ass and I'm so excited.

CHOOSING to be more present in every day life and make the most of the quiet moments.

TRYING to get my head down and actually get that essay written.

THINKING that I should do yoga more often, because it's the most relaxing thing ever and I haven't done it for weeks.

BELIEVING that everything happens for a reason.

DREAMING of hazy summer evenings spent with best friends over a fire and with a glass of rose in hand.

ENJOYING a long easter weekend with the family. After a busy couple of weeks and weekends it is good to relax in good company for a few days.

DECIDING to be more present.

ADMIRING the way my best friend is dealing with the loss of her dad. She has been such an inspiration for a lot of people over the last months and I'm honestly so proud of her.
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  1. Eline this is such a lovely idea and it's lovely to read such a positive post :D I'm so glad life is going well for you at the minute! It's so simple and telling all at once and I love that. It's great!


    Anne // A Portrait Of Youth


    1. Thank you. I love reading these kinds of posts. Life is a lot better then it was a few months ago. I think it's because it's spring :)

  2. I never heard of summer skin before. Might have to give it a go when I finish the 2 books I lined up.


    1. I'm going to put a review of it on my blog soon, if you want to know more. It's really really good, especially if you're into these kinds of books. I'm a student and could relate to it really well. Really recommend it.


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