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24 More Favourite Blogs

Happy Kingsday, fellow duchies. If you don't know what that is, it's a national holiday where we celebrate the birthday of our King. Everyone is dressed in orange and goes to flee markets and festivals. I thought it would only be fitting to share a bit of love for fellow bloggers, in light of this celebratory day. I also had to have something orange as a cover photo of course.  love discovering blogs and sharing a bit of love and lately I've been discovering some amazing new ones. Most of these aren't that well known and that is because they are my favourite to read. Enjoy, and feel free to leave me your favourite blogs in the comments.

4. Ameldi

I've followed Lulu's blog for a long time already, but only discovered the true beauty of her writing a few weeks ago and promptly got an addiction of her beautiful words, thoughts and photographs. I love how she manages to capture everyday moments and make them extraordinary. I feel like I found a true gem and I'm honestly a bit in love.

Through the blog I mentioned above, I also discovered Christine's blog and holy hell: It's great. I definitely follow too little American bloggers and I love getting to know the American culture a bit more. It's so interesting. I also love to read all about her travels. I share that love.

Oh Hannah (and Stef and Grayson of course) I've been in love with the little movies you put on Youtube every single week. It's filmed in such a beautiful way and watching them just instantly calms me down. Recently, I've also been loving her blog and especially the last post she put up: a letter to her son Grayson.   

One of the few fashion blogs I follow, but she also writes lifestyle posts. I enjoy the mix of the two on her blog. It's a very modern blog, but lovely at the same time. I'm enjoying everything she writes.

16. Megfee

I've been following Meg for years and I keep getting sucked in by her beautiful writing. She herself described her writing like peeling down layers of an onion. It's extremely fitting. Half the time I don't even know what exactly she is talking about, until things suddenly dawn on me. It's beautiful, how someone can do that with words. A must read!

I'm so glad she's back. She's stopped blogging for almost a year. Before that break, I used to read her blog religiously and was absolutely obsessed with it. I've especially missed her Motivational Monday blog posts. I used to make sure I read them every morning as a kickstart to the week. It's great that they are back. I'm actually thinking of introducing something familiar to this space. It's just such a lovely and inspiring way to start the week. I'm so glad she's writing again.

Postcards from Lisbon

I returned from Lisbon on Thursday, after being lucky enough to spend four days in this amazing city. The views are absolutely outstanding and the same goes for the beautiful tiled houses and the small alleys and steps you come across. The city reminded me of those typical Italian cities. In the way that you just want to reminisce what it was like to live there during the Age of Discovery with Columbus and the likes. Can you believe that this once was the capital of half the world? And yet, the city doesn't feel like a big city at all. Instead it's one of those lovely places that you just can't help but feel home in. As I'm working on the first of my Lisbon photo diaries, I thought I'd share a few of my favourite photographs I came across.

A window view from the castle 
Mid-morning in Bairro Alto  
Colourful azulejos 
Romantic balconies in the Baixa 
Spring blossom 
Lemon trees 
Early evening along the river
Grilled salmon in a super cute Portuguese restaurant
Rainy first sighting of Lisbon

My Happy List #1

Welcome to a new series on the blog. I've tried to come up with a good name for a series like this for a very long time. There are so many blogs out there with a catch-up style weekly series, which I absolutely adore reading. But it does feel like everything name- and format-wise has been done before. Still I want to start my own little series. One of the reasons why I blog is that I want to keep track of the things that make me happy in life, wether it's small or big. Starting such a series, sounds like a good way to incorporate that. So here we go.

This week has been an exciting one to say the least. Here is what has made me happy this week:

~ Flying. I love it. There I said it. Many probably wouldn't agree, but I'm not afraid of it and can actually enjoy myself on a plane. I love the few hours of quietness where I can just read or look at the clouds outside and be excited for what lays ahead.

~ We had a wonderful time in Lisbon. We spent our time wandering up and down winding streets. Only stopping when we came across a house with those beautiful Portuguese tiles or a vantage point. It was a wonderful, old, quiet and peaceful city that reminded me a bit of Rome. We did have to wonder up and down hills quite a bit though, but it was completely worth it when we reached a Miradouro with an amazing view.

~ The funny thing is, that actually I'd never heard people talk about Lisbon before really, until we decided to go and all of sudden everyone online and in my real life is visiting the city. One of my best friends is there right now, my mother's cousin is studying there and my uncle and aunt are going next week. It's crazy.

~ I had a bit of a mishap with trains on Thursday evening, but it made me realise what wonderful parents I have and how truly grateful I am to have them in my life. I arrived at Eindhoven Airport from Lisbon at around 10.30 pm and I had decided to be all independent and find my way home by public transport all on my own. That didn't work out, because the last train home didn't run and I ended up calling my parents. The wonderful man that my dad is, decided to drive all the way to Eindhoven and back to pick me up. I did a little weep at the train station out of gratitude.

~ Saying that I also managed to nick a cup of tea from the Burger King just before they were closing to warm my hands while waiting for my dad. I'm always so very grateful for a cup of tea. It's wonderful what magic a warm cup of liquid can do to you. I was tired, emotional and cold and it cheered me right up.

~ Birdy's concert I went to with my mum yesterday was absolutely incredible. It was my mother's day gift to her and it was absolutely lovely. She has such an incredible voice. We spent an hour and a half in complete awe. 

Other things that made me particularly happy this week include an amazing book that I finished last night (The Day we Disappeared by Lucy robinson), a fun evening full of laughter and new friendships, the photography museum I visited this morning and the quiet few hours I spent working on my blog yesterday morning and this afternoon.

It's been a crazy, wonderful few days and now I'm happy to be home and get started on a new uni term. I have found so much inspiration to blog in these past few days. So I'm just going to get cracking on preparing a few for you. How has your week been?

The annual best friend trip: I'm going to Lisbon

I just wanted to quickly update you on the fact that I'm about to go to Lisbon. I have about five minutes to write this, before I have to catch my bus on the way to the airport. Hopefully by the time you're reading this, I'll be safe and sound in Lisbon. This morning has been a whirlwind of cleaning and packing, writing and painting my nails. Honestly it's been stressful, but I managed in time and now I'm just so excited to go away.

My best friend and I go away together almost every year. Two years ago it was Paris, last year was London and this year it's Lisbon. This year will be slightly different though, because we've both never been to this city before. It's great that we're able to discover it together. As we're both geography students we're always very interested in the layout and atmosphere of a city. I'm sure we will discover many great places. I also can't wait to use my new photography skills for real this time. Hopefully I'll get some beautiful shots. Another thing that makes the trip this year different is the fact that she's been going through a very difficult time lately and I'm just happy that we're able to do these things together and hopefully it will help her in some ways.

I've heard such great things about the city as a whole. Apparently it's a maze of small streets where you can get easily lost and it's supposed to be exceptionally beautiful too, what with the sea and everything. The weather forecast isn't too great, but I'm sure we will make the most of it. And if it rains too hard, we will just duck into a cafe for a hot drink and a pasty somewhere. We already have a few must see places on the agenda, but I love that I don't know too much about the city yet. We'll just discover it as we go along.

See you on Friday.

Love, Eline

Live Life like You're on the Road

Everyone who knows me, knows that I love to travel. I often get comments about it. Are you going abroad again? Why would you spent all that money on traveling? I don't know what it is, but I am so attracted to discovering new places and being on the road. I've always done so. I love to wander paths I haven't been to before. I love discovering the feeling of a new city or landscape. I'm lucky enough to have been able to discover many amazing places already and it still never feels like enough. I've learned about different cultures and their customs, the food that the country has to offer, the beautiful architecture and it's people. And it's all part of what I love most, traveling, learning and discovering.

It got me thinking lately. Whenever I'm on the road, I get this sense of wonder. I look around with my eyes open as wide as possible, trying to take everything in. I have this need to discover as much as possible of another time and place. I want to learn it's culture and it's customs, the way the city has been built and the history it has to offer. And I want to get a snippet of what it's like to live in a place like that. But then I return home and I forget to look at everyday life with that same feeling of wonder. Instead I see familiarity and it isn't nearly as exciting.

I've been feeling so discontent lately, so sluggish and bored and unhappy. I'm constantly looking at other people's lives and I want what they have. The only way to solve this in my mind, is to look at everyday life in a different light. To look at the small moments with wonder, like I do when I'm traveling and discovering new places. To capture those memories and to cherish the feeling of happiness. Not just on the road, but especially in the everyday life. It's a life lived with intention that I want to live. Like the fact that life on the road is often a life lived with intention. When on holiday we forget the stress of everyday life and we admire the beauty of a new time and place, instead of feeling sluggish and tired and stressed.

The challenging thing is to project those feelings into everyday life. But it doesn't have to be fancy. Just by looking at a beautiful spring blossom can conjure the same feeling. Or maybe a few stolen moments where we just sit and think. We don't have to move to an exotic place to feel like this. Even in everyday life we can discover something new each day, learn something or travel somewhere. And that's going to be my goal for the rest of the year. Live a life like I'm on the road.

Spring has been treating me well so far

How has spring been treating you so far? Here it has been full of sunshine, with a few deadlines thrown in between and exciting things being planned. The blog has been quiet over the last week from my front. I'm so sorry about that. I had a few class deadlines to finish up and the blog had to take a backseat. Thank god it's all over and handed in now though. It's been an absolute struggle to keep myself motivated over the last couple of weeks. I wish I could get a little bit more motivation back for my course. All I wanted to do was read, nap and blog instead of writing papers, giving presentations revising. As of yesterday though, I've got a couple of weeks without any course work. I honestly can't wait. I thought it would be nice to have a good old chat about what has been going on in my life over the past few weeks and what you can expect from me on this little space over the next couple of weeks.

I always love writing and reading these catch-up posts (you are always welcome to put a link in the comments, I love to read them). It's been way overdue that we had a good chat, so please crap a beverage and let me catch you up on what's been going on. I'm currently writing this with a cup of tea in hands and an episode of Jane the Virgin on in the background. It's honestly bliss.


April has been treating us with the most lovely weather lately. It feels like we skipped the rainy part of Spring and just moved straight from the grays of winter to the bloom and sunshine of late spring. These photos above were taken on a Sunday two weeks ago when I went on a single bike ride in the country side. I came across this beautiful path on the way back that would eventually lead me home. I can't believe how I lived in that town for the past twenty years and am only now discovering the beautiful sights it has to offer.


The best thing about uni so far is the amazing friends I've made. Immediately after our last exam on Thursday we went out together and had heaps of fun. Though I did realise that I'm somewhat of a sad drink. Alcohol messes with my emotions so much. And then on Tuesday they all came over to mine for chats and food and plenty of wine and tea. I feel like we are growing closer and closer every single day. It's honestly so great how well we get along. After the recent hardships one member of the group had to endure this year we have grown so much closer again. I don't see us breaking up ever. These are the friendships that I hope will last a lifetime and I'm so lucky I've found them. And the fact that we're planning a sneaky city trip away over summer, makes it even better.


Speaking of city breaks. I'm actually going away next week. My best friend and I have booked ourself a mid-week trip away to Lisbon. I hope the weather is going to be great. Fingers crossed. We already have a list of al the places we want to visit, but if you have any suggestions pop them in the comments. It's sure going to be a blast though, everyone is saying that it's such a beautiful city.


Yesterday immediately after my last seminar before my break, I set myself up in the coffee bar downstairs and did some planning for the blog and the trip to Lisbon next week. I ordered myself a Latte Macchiato and put up a wash in the room next door and spent a blissful few hours reading through everyone's blogs and doing some general planning. It's great to have such a great cafe in the same building where I live. I don't even need to pop out for a coffee. I always love how sophisticating it feels to set up shop in a cafe and work for a few hours.


Can I just also say that I've had the most chilled day ever today. I woke up at around ten and proceeded to spent the rest of the morning in bed. I actually worked on a header for the blog, but I'm not satisfied with it yet. I'm not sure what I actually want. It's so frustrating to see all these amazing blogs around me and not feeling up to standard with your own. I definitely feel like I haven't found my blogging groove yet. How do you change that? Any tips?

Tell me how your week has been going so far. Any exciting things planned?

A Playlist for Long Essay Writing Days

^This is exactly how I feel when I have to write a 4000 word essay over the weekend^

I've got this huge deadline on Monday and have only about half the words written right now. This basically means I'm going to spend the entire weekend behind my computer trying to get it done. But that is ok if I at least have some upbeat music to keep me going. And I thought why not share a few of my favourite songs right now. This is the first time I'm sharing any kind of playlist and I'm pretty scared. Most of the time I'm pretty ashamed of my music taste, so sorry if you hate all of these songs. 

Also, I'm pretty excited: yesterday my mom and I booked tickets to go see Birdy in three weeks. I can't wait, I've loved her music for such a long time and she just got a new album out too. I should probably put that entire album on this list, because that is what I'm going to be listening to in the run-up to the concert. Enjoy.


Fight Song :: Rachel Platten


Drive :: Oh Wonder


7 Years :: Lukas Graham


Superman, It's not Easy :: Five for Fighting


Mooi :: Marco Borsato


Over and Over, Again :: Nathan Sykes


English Town :: Matchbox Twenty


Wild Horses :: Birdy


Wildfire :: Niels Geusebroek




Yours :: Ella Henderson

An Unsuccessful Thursday

On days like these, tea makes everything better

Yesterday was a disaster. It started off well enough with an early start and a breakfast of greek yoghurt, raspberries and honey. I was meant to have a chilled out morning working on my essay and generally being productive. However, after that the day started deteriorating very quickly. Somehow I always have these kinds of days on Thursdays.

  • I definitely was not about to jump in the shower at nine in the morning, when I remembered I had a 9am lecture. (Yes I realized this at 9). Thank god I live on campus and could make it in ten minutes. I felt gross for the entire lecture as I didn't even wash my face. I could have gone in my pjs, but thank god I didn't. I think people would have looked at me weirdly.
  • I definitely didn't spent the entire lecture sniffing my arm pits in the process trying to figure out if anyone could smell that I hadn't washed that morning. After the lecture I went straight home to shower.
  • I definitely did not spent the next two hours after my lecture reading Cider with Rosie's blog all the way from the beginning instead of writing my 4000 words paper that is due on Monday. Honestly it's probably a bit more than those two hours. It's just so much more interesting than an essay on an earthquake.
  • I definitely didn't spent the entire day stress eating my way through at least 5 cookies, a handful of chocolate raisins, two sandwiches, an apple and a filling dinner of gnocchi and Aubergine al Formaggio.
  • I definitely did not get stomach ache from said dinner, before floorball training started at 6.30 pm. I felt queasy the entire time. Remember next time, not to eat to much before working out.
  • I definitely did not forget to revise for a referee exam that I completely forgot I had. Let's just say I failed.

Yeah actually I definitely did do all of those things I mentioned above. I'm officially writing yesterday off as one of the most lazy and unsuccessful days ever. I always find that the only things that help on days like these are tea and your bed. I'm starting afresh this morning an trying not to think to much about the things I was supposed to have gotten done by now.
PS: This post was inspired by a very old post from Rosie. I could relate to it so well yesterday, that I just had to write it down.
PPS: I'd really recommend reading through her entire blog. She is awesome, but remember not to do it during exam and essay writing time.

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