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An Unsuccessful Thursday

On days like these, tea makes everything better

Yesterday was a disaster. It started off well enough with an early start and a breakfast of greek yoghurt, raspberries and honey. I was meant to have a chilled out morning working on my essay and generally being productive. However, after that the day started deteriorating very quickly. Somehow I always have these kinds of days on Thursdays.

  • I definitely was not about to jump in the shower at nine in the morning, when I remembered I had a 9am lecture. (Yes I realized this at 9). Thank god I live on campus and could make it in ten minutes. I felt gross for the entire lecture as I didn't even wash my face. I could have gone in my pjs, but thank god I didn't. I think people would have looked at me weirdly.
  • I definitely didn't spent the entire lecture sniffing my arm pits in the process trying to figure out if anyone could smell that I hadn't washed that morning. After the lecture I went straight home to shower.
  • I definitely did not spent the next two hours after my lecture reading Cider with Rosie's blog all the way from the beginning instead of writing my 4000 words paper that is due on Monday. Honestly it's probably a bit more than those two hours. It's just so much more interesting than an essay on an earthquake.
  • I definitely didn't spent the entire day stress eating my way through at least 5 cookies, a handful of chocolate raisins, two sandwiches, an apple and a filling dinner of gnocchi and Aubergine al Formaggio.
  • I definitely did not get stomach ache from said dinner, before floorball training started at 6.30 pm. I felt queasy the entire time. Remember next time, not to eat to much before working out.
  • I definitely did not forget to revise for a referee exam that I completely forgot I had. Let's just say I failed.

Yeah actually I definitely did do all of those things I mentioned above. I'm officially writing yesterday off as one of the most lazy and unsuccessful days ever. I always find that the only things that help on days like these are tea and your bed. I'm starting afresh this morning an trying not to think to much about the things I was supposed to have gotten done by now.
PS: This post was inspired by a very old post from Rosie. I could relate to it so well yesterday, that I just had to write it down.
PPS: I'd really recommend reading through her entire blog. She is awesome, but remember not to do it during exam and essay writing time.

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  1. Aww man! Well, things would only get better from there right?

  2. I think we all have those kind of days occassionally.

    P.S. - I'm off to visit Rosie now :)

  3. AW Eline, the amount of these days I've had recently! For me it's my hair, when like I'll mean to wash it the night before, then get too tired and forget, just wake up right before school and either washing it and being late or dry shampooing the hell out of it and hoping it doesn't look too bad ahahah :D (and i've got nobody's perfect from hannah montana running through my head after reading this hehe) And i love Rosie's blog! So happy for her and jason <3 xx


    Anne //A Portrait Of Youth

  4. Haha right now I'm reading your blog while (or rather, instead of) doing my discrete math HW :P Yesterday I had a pretty emotionally crappy evening, and I kept telling myself to just go to sleep and remember that "tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet" -LM Montgomery :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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