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Spring has been treating me well so far

How has spring been treating you so far? Here it has been full of sunshine, with a few deadlines thrown in between and exciting things being planned. The blog has been quiet over the last week from my front. I'm so sorry about that. I had a few class deadlines to finish up and the blog had to take a backseat. Thank god it's all over and handed in now though. It's been an absolute struggle to keep myself motivated over the last couple of weeks. I wish I could get a little bit more motivation back for my course. All I wanted to do was read, nap and blog instead of writing papers, giving presentations revising. As of yesterday though, I've got a couple of weeks without any course work. I honestly can't wait. I thought it would be nice to have a good old chat about what has been going on in my life over the past few weeks and what you can expect from me on this little space over the next couple of weeks.

I always love writing and reading these catch-up posts (you are always welcome to put a link in the comments, I love to read them). It's been way overdue that we had a good chat, so please crap a beverage and let me catch you up on what's been going on. I'm currently writing this with a cup of tea in hands and an episode of Jane the Virgin on in the background. It's honestly bliss.


April has been treating us with the most lovely weather lately. It feels like we skipped the rainy part of Spring and just moved straight from the grays of winter to the bloom and sunshine of late spring. These photos above were taken on a Sunday two weeks ago when I went on a single bike ride in the country side. I came across this beautiful path on the way back that would eventually lead me home. I can't believe how I lived in that town for the past twenty years and am only now discovering the beautiful sights it has to offer.


The best thing about uni so far is the amazing friends I've made. Immediately after our last exam on Thursday we went out together and had heaps of fun. Though I did realise that I'm somewhat of a sad drink. Alcohol messes with my emotions so much. And then on Tuesday they all came over to mine for chats and food and plenty of wine and tea. I feel like we are growing closer and closer every single day. It's honestly so great how well we get along. After the recent hardships one member of the group had to endure this year we have grown so much closer again. I don't see us breaking up ever. These are the friendships that I hope will last a lifetime and I'm so lucky I've found them. And the fact that we're planning a sneaky city trip away over summer, makes it even better.


Speaking of city breaks. I'm actually going away next week. My best friend and I have booked ourself a mid-week trip away to Lisbon. I hope the weather is going to be great. Fingers crossed. We already have a list of al the places we want to visit, but if you have any suggestions pop them in the comments. It's sure going to be a blast though, everyone is saying that it's such a beautiful city.


Yesterday immediately after my last seminar before my break, I set myself up in the coffee bar downstairs and did some planning for the blog and the trip to Lisbon next week. I ordered myself a Latte Macchiato and put up a wash in the room next door and spent a blissful few hours reading through everyone's blogs and doing some general planning. It's great to have such a great cafe in the same building where I live. I don't even need to pop out for a coffee. I always love how sophisticating it feels to set up shop in a cafe and work for a few hours.


Can I just also say that I've had the most chilled day ever today. I woke up at around ten and proceeded to spent the rest of the morning in bed. I actually worked on a header for the blog, but I'm not satisfied with it yet. I'm not sure what I actually want. It's so frustrating to see all these amazing blogs around me and not feeling up to standard with your own. I definitely feel like I haven't found my blogging groove yet. How do you change that? Any tips?

Tell me how your week has been going so far. Any exciting things planned?

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  1. omg the interior of that cafe is GORGEOUS! // oof, spring here definitely hasn't skimped out on the rain! I can only hope that the rain will be followed by lots of flowers :P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. I know right. And it's just down from my room too. I don't even need to leave the building. It's the best. I think I was speaking too soon, because they are expecting snow today and tomorrow :(


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