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Lisbon: An Evening Walk & Jardim Botânico

It's something my best friend and I do every year: take a trip somewhere together. Two weeks ago it was time to go to Lisbon. The years previous we have been to both Paris and London, but this year we thought it a good idea to visit a city neither of us had been to before. A combination of cheap flights, warm weather and beautiful architecture made the decision to go to Lisbon rather easy.

We met up at Eindhoven airport around noon on a Monday and started of with a Starbucks coffee while waiting for our flight. I revel in being at airports and flying in planes. I love the excitement and anticipation. Daphne, however is afraid of flying, which always makes me temper my excitement a bit and often means I spent the bigger part of the time, trying to calm her down.. We arrived early in the evening and after a quick trip undergrounds into the city we reached our place of residence for the next few nights.

The Lost Inn Lisbon is a great, affordable alternative to your standard hotel. I'd recommend it in a heart beat. The beds were clean and comfortable with crisp sheets, breakfast was included and the location perfect. I honestly had nothing to complain about. Lately, whenever I travel somewhere, it is usually a hostel. They are just way more fun than hotels are. I still have to try my first AirBnB though, so maybe I'd be a complete convert after that. I don't know why but I'm still a bit cautious with AirBnB. I have heard such amazing things, but somehow hostels and hotels feel like a safer/easier option.

We had a small balcony attached to our room with a beautiful view of the neighboring houses.

The weird thing about hostels is that from the outside they somehow always looks non existent, but then when you ring a doorbell, all of a sudden a whole hostel blooms up behind the door with a dozen or so rooms and a cosy living room and kitchen.

After a quick tour of the hostel and a change of outfit, we decided to head out on a short evening walk. Our main purpose was to find some food. However, we didn't quite make it to a restaurant. Instead we wandered around for a bit. Taking in the city at first sight and trying to familiarize it. We somehow ended up in Baixa and stumbled upon right upon the main square by the river: Praça do Comércio. Lisbon was so lovely that night, even if it was drizzling now and again. It felt like we were far away from home, in an exotic country, full of amazing smells and beautiful tiles everywhere.  Eventually we realized that we should eat something. Grabbing a sandwich, we ate it on the steps of the statue of King Joseph I, overlooking the river. And it was perfect.

When the rain grew a little bit more heavy and we were cold to the bone (we stupidly went out without our coats), we decided to head back to the hostel for a cup of tea and a good night's sleep.

The next morning a visit to the botanical gardens was on the planning. We woke up relatively early, ready to start a day full of wandering and discovering. Before we could reach the gardens, we had to walk a few steep streets. In the process we came across our first elevator and Miradouro and immediately had a beautiful view of the entire city. We also came across our first tiled houses. Those tiled fronts really made this city into something special and unique. I kind of developed a bit of a crush. Definitely a city I'm going to return too in the future.

Mornings are most definitely my favourite time of the day. I love how the lighting is still soft and people are either smiling or slightly sleepy. It's the start of a new day and new opportunities. It's amazing how a city trip can give a sense of what it will be like in everyday life. It's so much more authentic than your typical tourist beach resort.

Elevator de Glória, the first of many. Not your typical mode of transport.

There are four other elevators connecting the lower part of Lisbon with the high city. Everywhere miradouros are situated. Each view as unique as the next. I think this one was one of my favorites, because of the views you have of the castle and the whole city below. After this we made our way to the Botanical gardens.

The Botanical Gardens were stunning. Situated in the middle of an unassuming street, we almost walked beyond it. The front entrance was so sobering, we wondered if it was worth paying 2 euros for a view. I'm so glad we did though. I think it was one of the best times we could have visited. A lot of trees were already blooming and everything around us was green.

Those palm trees were majestic. I've never seen such a tall tree in my life, though to be honest, I've not been anywhere tropical yet. It was such a quiet oasis. We felt very far away from the cold Dutch countryside and the busy city that stretched out beyond the walls around this garden.

This is where I would like to meet my future lover. It seems like the perfect bench to meet someone. I love all the different shades of green.

After wandering around the gardens for a good hour, we made a last stop at the butterfly green house. I didn't spot too many, sadly, but it did make me want to visit more butterfly gardens. And botanical gardens at that.

As far as Botanical Gardens go, this was a stunner. It definitely made me realise that I don't visit them nearly enough. Next up my list are the Hortus Botanicus and New Botanical Gardens in Utrecht, Kew Gardens in London and Keukenhof in Amsterdam, though I might be too late for that one, as I wait for my camera to be fixed. Definitely on the list though, I can't resist a tulip festival.

Part 1 of my city trip to Lisbon, more to follow next week. Also, sorry it took so long, I always forget how long these kinds of posts take. This one took me over a week.
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  1. Lisbon looks beautiful, Eline! Those gorgeous buildings and balcony rails!! :o x

  2. It looks so gorgeous there in Lisbon! And it sounds like you had fun there :) Will be waiting for a part 2! Also, I love your photos! Beautiful :) x

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  3. I've never tried Airbnb either, but it seems exciting. One day I'll try it :) / I love mornings too; if only I could wake up for them! For the past few days I've been waking up before my alarm around 7 or 8 which is considered early for me, so hopefully I can keep that up for the rest of summer! Although I woke up at 10 today... o.o / I've been saying that I need to visit a botanical garden or arboretum or at least go shopping for succulents :P Still haven't gotten around to it yet T_T But I think once I move into my new apartment, I'll be shopping for succulents and pots :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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