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My Happy List #2

Happy May Day. I'm already proud that I kept up with this series for two weeks in a row. No honestly, I'm so bad at keeping up with series, that this is a proper achievement. I enjoyed writing a weekly recap a lot last week though. We'll see how long we will last. Currently, I'm sat watching the Leicester - Manchester United game on telly. I've got a ton of blogs open just waiting for me to catch up with and a puppy sleeping at my feet. Life is perfect! Yes, you heard it right, a puppy. One of the best things to happen this week by far and I didn't even know this would happen at the beginning. Let's catch up.

:: Meet our newest addition to the family: Nala the Golden Retriever pup. She's been named after Nala from The Lion King, Simba's best friend and companion. It was my brother and mine favourite Disney film growing up and our previous dog was called Simba. It was only fitting. Nala's been absolutely adorable so far. I could cuddle her all day, everyday. I'm almost sad she's going to grow up and become a full grown dog.

:: Let's start at the beginning. I don't live with my parents anymore, but got back on Wednesday for a long weekend catch-up with them, when I heard the news that they would be looking at a litter of puppies that afternoon. Of course I wanted to join them. We proceeded to drive to a farm and look at puppies all afternoon. My mum fell in love with the first pup she held and we immediately wanted her to become ours. That pup became Nala a few days later when we picked her up. Who can resist a litter of puppies, though? I know I can't. If I could I would have taken them all, including the mother and the father.

:: It's been a short night and lots of trips outside for a wee and short walks these past 24 hours, but she's absolutely adorable. She's already adjusting very well and only had one or two accidents indoors so far. It's so adorable watching her sleep. She's been so well behaved too. One of her favourite things to do is climbing on your lap and falling asleep in the process. It's completely adorable.

:: Can I just also say that the weather is lovely today. So much better than the light snow and cold we had over King's Day. I'm so happy that we get to go outside again and enjoy the sunshine. Especially since from now on, I'll be accompanied by a tiny dog. I hope the weather will only get better from now on. Especially since it is May.

:: Another thing that made me really happy this week, has been the first season of Jane the Virgin. Two weeks ago Netflix released it and I managed to finish it this week. From the first moment I've pretty much fallen into a massive binge watch. It's been the perfect cheesy series to accompany the super chilled week I had. The new term started at uni, which meant I spent the bigger part of this week organizing and I had the time to catch up on some shows in the process. If anyone knows where I can watch the second season that would be perfect.

You can bet I'll be home as soon as possible again to be with the pup. I'm only coming back for her now, not my parents anymore. I hope you have a great week. Enjoy your bank holiday, British friends. I'll be back at uni like usual tomorrow.

How has your week been this week?

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  1. Nala is so cute! I'm glad she is settling in well, wish I had a puppy! xx


  2. Aww Nala is just beautiful! Puppies grow so quickly, don't they? I can barely believe how much Milo has grown! And I hear you on the 'achievement unlocked' feeling of completing another installment of a post series - I desperately need to get back on the ball with both my A-Z and 100 Stories features! Happy Sunday, Eline (:

  3. NALA IS SO ADORABLE OMG. Eline this is such a lovely series and it's so full of love and positivity that I hope you keep it going forever. It's always better to look back on our happiest moments :) happy May!!




  4. STOP - Nala is the cutest! She has the sweetest face and I love her name! Don't you love puppy-lap cuddles! I keep scrolling up to look at that little, fluffy face!

    xx, Caitlin

  5. I'm so jealous - that is the most beautiful puppy I've ever seen!

  6. Congrats on adding Nala to your family! She's precious :) Have a lovely rest of your week xx

    Edye | Http://gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com

  7. Oh my God! Nala looks so adorable!! I bet she is very cuddly :) It's very good to hear that your week has been a pretty darn good one and that this little pup managed to lift your mood so greatly. My week has been quite good too. I am a bit busy with school work and blogging, but life's good :) x

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me


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