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 I don't want to start my 2016 review with saying how challenging and difficult a year it has been, because while I've known challenging times for sure, I've also realized how incredibly lucky I actually am. I feel like this year has honestly been one of the busiest years of my life. I have not sat still at all. It all piles up. Once you say yes to one thing, a next one shortly follows and before I knew it my diary was packed beyond belief. I've even slacked on school work over the last few months, which usually I have the time to push for. This year has known some horrible moments and world happenings, yet personally it has been one of the best days of my life.

January. In January I attempted a month of daily blogging and did reasonably well all things consider. It was a quiet month. I went on a couple of day trips, Amsterdam and Den Bosch. Took blistering cold morning walks and generally spend my time being more active. I started playing Floorball more and more and took part in Adriene's Yoga Camp.

February. Usually February is my least favourite month and this year it was worse than I could have imagined. My best friend was on the brink of losing her dad and I spend all my time and energy trying to support her and her family. It wasn't a great time, however I'm so incredibly glad for the friendship bonds that have been strengthened. Another great thing about this month was the photography course I took part in.

March. In the beginning of March I attended a funeral, which was incredibly sad. But the month also featured great moments. My granddad turned 80, I went to Gent, celebrated Easter and played some more floorball.

April. April was exciting. My best friend and I took a well deserved break to Lisbon for a few days. It's such a cool city and I loved being able to travel some more again. We were also treated with some of the best spring weather and maybe most exciting of all. At the end of April we visited a farm and picked out a puppy that we adopted in May.

May. Taking Nala home with us was just wonderful. I had a relaxed break and spend my time getting to know our little pup and watching her learn and grow. This was also were I fell in love with Formula 1. Watching sports is one of my favourite things to do.

June. June started with the birthday of one of my best girlfriends. The weather was absolutely wonderful at the time and so I spend a few quality evenings in the park drinking wine in good company. I also went on a weekend away with my sports team, wrapped up another year at uni and celebrated my brother's graduation. This was also the month were I discovered Suits.

July. Three out of four weeks in July were spent volunteering at different summer camps for children. They were both the most incredible and challenging week of the year. I got a throat infection out of pure tiredness, but the experience was all worth it. I don't think I spoke much of it on the blog before, but it was incredible. I'm happy I could give those children a great holiday.

August. Olympics. A trip to London. Birthdays and bbq's. Generally a chilled and fun month, like August usually is.

September. Uni started up again. I was glad to get back into it. I followed an interesting course in shopping, marketing and city identities and I figured out what I want to do after graduation this year, I have a vague plan. Watching the Great British Bake-off was fun. Often my friends would come over and we would eat dinner, play games and catch up.

October. A month full of deadlines, but I did have a lovely evening playing old school board games. It was my mum's birthday in October too and my mum and I spend a day shopping and eating lunch.

November. November was busy! First up, after all my uni deadlines were completed, I visited Marrakech for a few days with two girlfriends. It was such a cool city, highly recommended. It was also my birthday and the month the Gilmore Girls revival was released.

December. Wrapped up the year celebrating in great company. With great friends and caring family members. This last week has been a well deserved break from everything life related. I should be ready to get back into action now.

Happy 2017.

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  1. Your photos are gorgeous! Happy 2017! xx Clem

  2. A year full of memories & can't wait for another year of many more! Loving the January photos :) Happy 2017! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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