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December Diary | Almost Christmas

Now that uni deadlines have passed, I've finally gotten into the christmas spirit this week. I've been to a christmas market, went to see a musical on a night out and went into town to buy myself a festive drink, a present in the form of a book and some mince pies. I'm also about to go to my student union christmas party and so christmas has officially begun. So far December has been so absolutely packed with social events that I haven't had the time to turn to this blog or at any moment relax. Uni deadlines have passed in all it's glory and frenzied christmas shopping has been done and now I'm so ready to put my feed up and read a good book or at least go into the kitchen and do some festive baking in preparation for Christmas Day. It's been a super fun and whirlwind month.

I might have thrown myself full on into busyness and christmas festivities in order to forget about all the horrible things that happened this year. And just when you think it can't get any worse you hear about the attack at a christmas market in Berlin. A place where we are supposed to forget about horrid things and something that awful happens. It still baffles me that these are the things we do to other people. You know what though, even if we can't ignore the facts of this year, I think it's just as important to remember the awesome, maybe only small, things that make us happy each day. And one of the things that has made me so unbelievably happy this year has been the wonderful friends that I've made and the family that supports me through thick and thin.

I always need time to get used to a new environment and new people and I feel like I'm finally, finally finding my feet at uni. And I've realized that it's wonderful to feel like you belong somewhere. And maybe that is the most important thing I've learned this year, to learn how to feel at ease. How has this month gone so quickly though? I feel like I've rushed through everything and bam it's going to be Christmas Eve Saturday. I bought my FIRST mince pies only just today and it's the 22nd already. It's completely ridiculous.

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  1. ELINE!! Gahh my darling, I've missed you. Merry Christmas eve's eve! I hope you have a fantastic one. I'm so jealous of your mince pies, and Christmas spirit, it's all kind of infectious when you're surrounded by it, but trying to find Christmas here has been kind of difficult. I was so broken-hearted by what happened in Berlin, I just can't comprehend that kind of attack, at christmas too.

    I'm really glad you feel like you're finding your feet. It can be so, so hard as you said, but I'm glad that you do. I hope I feel the same way when I make it to uni next year. It's only hitting me now that all my school friends will be a year ahead of me in uni, but I'm not going to think on that yet.

    So much love, and I hope you have the merriest christmas

    Anne x // www.aportraitofyouth.co.uk

  2. haha I think you would love this Vine! Holiday markets are one of my favourite things about Christmas :) Merry Christmas! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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