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Running out of Time | University

Sigrid, Daphne and I in Marrakech, November 2016

I'm in my third year of university and wrapping up my degree this year and I seriously feel like I'm running out of time. It feels like every year my college experience gets better and better. Maybe it's because it always takes me a bit of time to get familiarized to my environment, but I can honestly say that this has been my best year yet. And I'm dreading the end of uni. I've been asked if I had some advice for new freshman or could share something about my college experience. And my experience will probably be different than any of yours, not the least because I study in a different country than most of you, but also because everyone's college experience differs. If I had one advice it would be to just let it happen and see what may. Just enjoy it, because it will be over before you know it.

Here's the good things that happened to me during my three years at university:

During the first weekend of my course I went on a trip with a couple of fellow students and the friend group I have to this day, comes forth from that weekend;

The study trips I went on: England, St. Petersburg and Gdansk;

In my second year, I moved out of my parents and into my own apartment on campus;
I fell in love with my major: human geography;
I got to participate in a university-wide honours program and got to hear a ton of interesting guest lectures;
I joined a student union and sports club;
I met the most incredible, inspiring people and made new friends;

I grew my confidence;
And I learned to cook;
The prospect of a trip to Budapest, two graduations and the prospect of another degree after this one.
There were challenging times, for sure, and keep in mind that college isn't for everyone. I've been lucky in many ways. I don't have a student loan. It's relatively cheap to study in the Netherlands, but I know so many others who aren't as lucky. University is expensive and especially in the US lots of students are in debt. If that is the case it can be worth it to look at refinancing options. And in other ways I've been lucky too. I love my course and I enjoy studying. I lucked out on my apartment and I made the most amazing friends. But even if that wouldn't have happened, I still think college is worth it. Because even if it's challenging, you will learn new things and it will (hopefully) make you figure out what you want from life. (Though I'm still not entirely sure myself yet). And you will miss your parents and friends from back home, but that will challenge you in other ways. It remains hard to grow up and step out of your comfort zone, but for me, college has been amazing. I wish I could keep doing this forever.

I have one more advice, that I feel is important to mention. I'd highly encourage you to do a course that you love. I have friends who went on and didn't do the course they wanted to do out of fear of not getting a job later on and they came to regret it. It's hard to study something for four years, when you don't like it or feel like you can't do it and aren't a 100% motivated for it.

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  1. That last tip is so so soooo important! We hear it so often, but not everyone believes it. I think it wasn't until I really got into my major that I realised just how important that piece of advice is. Especially in the field I'm interested in, coursework doesn't help get a job as much as real life experience. Ideally coursework would supplement real life experience, but it isn't always like that. -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

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