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The End of the Year Reading List

One last festive picture.

Happy New Year and a very happy 2017!

I'm writing this on New Year's Eve, so it feels very weird to say this when it's still 2016, but I hope those few hours in 2017 have been treating you well. Some of you will probably be hungover, others will have had a nice evening in, but I hope you've all had a good turn of the year. New years day is always a bit of a weird one for me. We used to visit my great grandmother with the whole family, but since she died we have stopped doing that and now we might visit family or do nothing at all. It's kind of an empty day isn't it? I plan on using the day to catch up on my favourite blogs, maybe plan a few blogposts and I don't know, start revising or read a book? But if you're in need of some good reading sources, I've hit you up below:

I'm listening to Laura's advice and have spend this past week aimlessly relaxing and eating way too much food.

While listening to the playlist of all playlists: the top 2000, which is basically the soundtrack every year of the week between christmas and the new year.

Year reviews: Katie, Imii, Candice, Freya, Michelle, Amy Elizabeth, JennieEleanor, Lyzi and Ellie

Favourite blogs in 2016: A Girl Named Leney, Kelsey J. Barnes, Fox Socks, Beside the Danube, Pack your Passport, We are the Browns

A couple of 2016 book roundups: A year in books (part 1/2), 9 of the best books read in 2016

Thoughts for 2017.

I'm declaring 2017 the year of self love and this is a great checklist to start with.

And these are great feminist alternative new years resolutions.

I also absolutely adore Laura's new years resolutions. And Kelsey's too.

You can trust Katy to share some positivity from the challenging year that has been 2016.

Here's to a great year.

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  1. Happy New Year!!! 2017 has been a long time coming, definitely struggled in 2016. Thanks for all the links, can't wait to visit them all!


  2. Happy New Year! and thank you so much for some links to reading lists. I haven't read a book I've truly enjoyed for a while so I'm definitely checking those out and adding some to my TBR pile.

    Have a fab day of catching up, I'll be doing the same.

    S x
    the toms house

    1. I have just finished the latest Jill Mansell and it was pretty good, if you are looking for a book. I've struggled with reading too and these links were very helpful indeed. Happy new year to you too.

  3. Happy New Year! Some great round-ups here :)

  4. Oh there's so much for me to catch up on in the blogosphere, and the beginning of a new year tends to inspire many blog posts! Loving the links and the bokeh in your photo :D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. Thank you so much. Same here and I really want to read blog posts too, just don't seem to find the time to read them and I keep saving them up too.


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