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This week's notes | 01

I'd like to introduce you to a new series: this week's notes. I'll be sharing the things that made me happy during the week along with the few songs I've had on repeat, too. In order to blog more this year, I figured it would be a good idea to add a regular feature in the form of a weekly happy list. I know a lot of people who do really great ones. I absolutely love them, but it never felt right to do one of my own. Or I'd do one for a few weeks and I would let it slip. I basically struggled to come up with an idea that would fit me. But now I think found it.

🎶 Dancing on my Own by Calum Scott

I've had this song on repeat for weeks now. It has generally been a pretty good week over here. Most of you will probably be back at work or school and I've been pretty productive too, yet have also managed to do a lot of fun things at the same time. First up on Monday we had the annual friends tournament at the local sports centre, where you basically invite your friends to play a tournament and introduce them to the sport you play on a regular basis. I've been playing Floorball for a good year now and it was great to show my best friends what I do for a sport. And then we went out for dinner afterwards, which was pretty great too.

Come to think of it, it hasn't been the clean eating start to January I'd envisioned, because I went out for dinner the next day too and grabbed a bite at the station before seeing a movie on Wednesday too. And this weekend won't help either. I'm writing this, just before I go away for the weekend and have a few parties planned.

🎶 Shape of You and Castle on the Hill by Ed Sheeran

I'm so happy Ed Sheeran came with new music today. I've had them on repeat all day and bloody love them. Revising just got so much better. Usually revising days suck pretty hard, but with Ed Sheeran on, Crazy Stupid, Love playing in the background and the prospect of going out tonight and dancing, made it a pretty great day nonetheless.

🎶 Angels by Robbie Williams
🎶 Valerie by Amy Winehouse
🎶 Total Eclipse of the Heart - Bonnie Tyler

The week between Christmas and the New Year is the highlight for my dad usually, because that is when the top 2000 is played on Radio 2 here in the Netherlands. It's basically the countdown to the New Year in our household with a list of the top 2000 songs of all time. I used to think it was for old people like my dad, but I enjoyed it more than ever this year. You know that feeling, when a song comes on that you completely forgotten about. That's what happens and I loved it. Then New Year's Eve was spent playing board games, eating oliebollen and just catching up with family and watching tv. We ended up still drinking wine at 3 in the morning, but it was fun.

🎶 A lovely Night and City of Stars from La La Land (Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone)
🎶 Audition (The Fools Who Dream) from La La Land (Emma Stone)

Last but not least, Oh my god I saw La La Land on wednesday with my best friend and it was absolutely incredible. It might just top my all time favourite movie list. It was just so upbeat and uplifting, but at the same time really realistic too and it made me cry a couple of times. The message I got from it, was that you should follow your dreams, but sometimes you have to make sacrifices too and the choices you make will have a lasting impact. Still there is hope though, because while things could have been, life was still pretty great for Mia and Sebastian in the end.

As a consequence I've fallen in an Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling obsession, the La La Land soundtrack is on repeat, I'm telling all my friends to go see it and I'm debating wether I should go watch it again. All in all, life has been pretty great this week. How has yours been? And go see La La Land if you can please. Even if you think it isn't for you!
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  1. I really enjoyed this blog post! :) And I'm looking forward to a whole series of them.

    Well... this just makes me want to see La La Land even more now - I can't wait! I'll see if I can persuade my boyfriend to watch it with me - I reckon he will as he loves Ryan Gosling as much as I do. ;)


  2. Thank you so much. That's very nice of you to say. Can you believe I've never seen a Ryan Gosling movie before this one? At least I don't think so. Highly encourage you to go see it. I absolutely loved it.

  3. Looking forward to this weekly series! Asdfghjkl I need to find a place to watch La La Land ASAP!! I also need to listen to Ed Sheeran's new music!! I'm glad to hear that you had a good week, and I hope you have another good one ahead of you! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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