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8. Alphabeth

9. Ameldi

Emily's recipes are to die for. I have made many of them already and so far not one was a miss. A particular favourite is the recipe for Sally's Apple and Cinnamon Swirl Cake. Honestly if you ever need a simple, easy to make recipe that taste amazing, I'd 100% recommend checking out her blog. As she was a student up till a year ago, you can be sure that they are budget friendly too. Of course she also has an amazing lifestyle session.

11. Being Little

I've followed Lulu's blog for a long time already, but only discovered the true beauty of her writing a few weeks ago and promptly got an addiction of her beautiful words, thoughts and photographs. I love how she manages to capture everyday moments and make them extraordinary. I feel like I found a true gem and I'm honestly a bit in love.

Audrey is someone I discovered on tumblr a few years back and I've been in love with her blog ever since. Brunch at Audreys is a lifestyle and student blog and one where I'll happily be browsing for ours. She takes the most dreamy photos and is an amazing writer. She's honestly such an inspiration to me and I love to visit her blog whenever I can. She also leaves the most wonderful comments. Thank you again. Can we become blogging friends?

Through the blog I mentioned above, I also discovered Christine's blog and holy hell: It's great. I definitely follow too little American bloggers and I love getting to know the American culture a bit more. It's so interesting. I also love to read all about her travels. I share that love.

Rosie is the sweetest person I know and one with the most amazing blogs in the world. She's the reason I've started blogging myself and the reason I got into reading blogs at all. I can't even remember how I discovered her, but I do know that I've checked her blog daily ever since. It's been lovely to follow along with her life over the past few years. I'm embarrassed to say this, but I have honestly read every single blog post she has ever posted. And she is my all time favourite blogger.

I don't know if I'll ever be able to read all of her posts, because she has posted so many in the past few years that she's been blogging. However, whenever I have the change I love to have a scroll through Michelle's blog. Somehow whenever I visit her blog, I end up staying for hours. I've loved following along with her time in Hong Kong and I can't wait what she'll be up to when she moves back to England.

I only recently discovered this blog, but it's fast becoming an absolute favourite. Ella is such an amazing artist. I don't know what it is, but her art just touches me. Especially her Without Her series. Those drawings make me cry every single time. She's such an inspiration. I can't believe what she had to go through these past 6 month and still she keeps standing strong. Love her and her blog.

Another one of the more popular bloggers, but again an absolute dream. I can relate to everything she posts and I absolutely adore her lists. Also her fashion posts are so useful to me, since she's exactly the same size as me and has about the same body figure. I'm always struggling with what to wear and she's helped me out massively.

Oh Hannah (and Stef and Grayson of course) I've been in love with the little movies you put on Youtube every single week. It's filmed in such a beautiful way and watching them just instantly calms me down. Recently, I've also been loving her blog and especially the last post she put up: a letter to her son Grayson.   

38. Imogen Scribbles

39. Jaye Rockett

One of the few fashion blogs I follow, but she also writes lifestyle posts. I enjoy the mix of the two on her blog. It's a very modern blog, but lovely at the same time. I'm enjoying everything she writes.

Oh what can I say about this blog. Every post she writes is awesome. I love to visit her blog whenever I can. It's just such a down to earth blog. She seems like the person who could be my friend in real life. And it's very refreshing to read a blog by someone who is also living alone. It's nice to have something in common.

Liza is such a lovely person. It's so awesome what she's doing, discovering the world and studying in the most unlikely places. I love reading about her experience in Abu Dhabi and now in Ghana. She's the kind of adventures person, I wish I was. And maybe I can be. Her insights on some of life's most difficult questions are very refreshing to read and I agree with her on many fronts.

51. Love From Berlin

52. Megfee

I've been following Meg for years and I keep getting sucked in by her beautiful writing. She herself described her writing like peeling down layers of an onion. It's extremely fitting. Half the time I don't even know what exactly she is talking about, until things suddenly dawn on me. It's beautiful, how someone can do that with words. A must read!

Freya has an amazing blog. It must be so rewarding to have a job like she has and she captures the most beautiful things on her camera. If you've never read Freya's blog, then it's definitely the time to pay a visit now. Her photographs are to dream of. Whenever I need inspiration, I make sure I visit Nishaantishu and I come back with lots of new ideas. If I have to name a photography idol she'd be it.

What can I say about Katie's blog that hasn't already been said a million times? She's probably one of those bloggers that everyone looks up to. I certainly do. I wish I had guts like her. She writes some amazing creative pieces and the passion she has for adventure, makes me want to up and leave my own ordinary life. If you ever need to escape the slur of daily life, she's your person.

74. Sophie Rosie

I'm so glad she's back. She's stopped blogging for almost a year. Before that break, I used to read her blog religiously and was absolutely obsessed with it. I've especially missed her Motivational Monday blog posts. I used to make sure I read them every morning as a kickstart to the week. It's great that they are back. I'm actually thinking of introducing something familiar to this space. It's just such a lovely and inspiring way to start the week. I'm so glad she's writing again.

What Freya's blog is for photography inspiration, Amy's blog is for writing. Her writing is absolutely wonderful and I can't help but dream away with her lovely blog posts. This is the writing I wish I could do, so whimsical and beautiful. I don't think I have a feeling for it like she does though. I honestly read her blog like a book.

85. Vivatramp

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